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A workshop on epidemiological surveillance of Coronavirus, Lattakia

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, the School Health Directorate at Education Ministry held a local workshop on epidemiological surveillance of Coronavirus in Lattakia Governorate at the Martyr Basil Al-Assad Center for Educational Computer Training.

The aim of the workshop is to learn more about Corona and its new symptoms, and to train medical careers at School Health Directorate how to take swabs and deal with it, and how to save it and transfer it to informants.

Aleppo Health Directorate completed the rehabilitation of the health center in the Masaken Hanano neighborhood in Aleppo

Aleppo, (ST) - The Aleppo Health Directorate completed the restoration and rehabilitation of the health center in the Masaken Hanano neighborhood, which was damaged by terrorism.

Engineer Firas Daghim, head of the engineering department in the Aleppo Health Directorate, said in a statement to SANA that, the center had been rehabilitated with all construction, civil and electrical works and provided with a solar energy system.

He indicated that, the center was rehabilitated in 90 days despite the great damage it suffered as a result of terrorism, noting that it has a floor area of 1700 meters and it is composed of two floors and will be put into service soon.

A quarter of a million patients suffer due to economic blockade on Syria

After waiting for seven months, the patient Ibrahim received a kidney drug from the pharmacy of the Ministry of Health, which he is forced to take permanently after kidney transplantation in his right side.The long wait is because  the Western economic blockade against Syria impedes the arrival of many quality medicines, according to the Ministry of Health.

Ibrahim said that the economic sanctions on Syria have affected various aspects of our lives and prolonged our livelihood and medicine.

Another patient said that we can only obtain some medicines through the Ministry of Health centers because their price is high in privately owned  pharmacies. So we have to wait for them to be available and ask about them constantly. She summarized a reality that many patients live in light of economic sanctions. That caused the loss of some imported generic medicines, the increase in their prices, and being out of stock  for long periods.

Skin Bank in Damascus opened

Syria has now a skin bank in Al-Mowasah University Hospital in Damascus to treat burns, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA). 
The agency quoted Director-General of Al-Mowasah University hospital Dr. Islam Zakareyah Al-Amin as saying that the Skin Bank will save the life of people who lost a large area of skin as a result of severe burns and wounds. 

Corona virus kills more than two million and 335 thousand people around the world

Capitals (ST): The Coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than two million and 335 thousand people around the world since its appearance in December 2019 until now, according to the latest statistics of the American World Meters site.

According to the site, the total number of Coronavirus infections around the world has so far reached 106978589, and the total deaths reached 2335038 cases, while the total cases of recovering from the virus have reached 78,806,391 cases.