Al-Bassel Hospital enlarges quarantine department dedicated to Corona patients

Tartous (ST): The General Commission of Al-Bassel Hospital in Tartous has enlarged the quarantine department dedicated to Corona patients and increased the number of the medical staff there in light of the increase of the number of patients who visited the hospital with  suspected  Coronavirus infections.. 

Director of the Hospital Dr. Ammar Iskander said that the isolation department was enlarged by adding 60 beds to receive suspected cases within the framework of the national plan to confront the pandemic. He added that the medical cader in the hospital was also increased to meet the demands of patients within the framework of our response to the Ministry of Health's plan to confront the pandemic.  

Syrian-Iraqi talks to enhance health cooperation

On December 6, Iraqi Health Minister Hassan Al-Tamimi discussed with the Syrian Ambassador to Iraq, Satyam Jadaan Al-Dandah ways to develop health cooperation between the two countries.

“The two sides discussed a number of issues to face the Corona pandemic, and ways to enhance health cooperation between the two countries and joint scientific cooperation,”the Iraqi Ministry of Healthsaid.

Ambassador Al-Dandah stressed the need to strengthen cooperation and coordination in all fields, especially in the health field between the two countries, in a way that leads to the elimination of the Coronavirus.


O. al-Mohammad

Director of Al-Mujtahid Hospital: An increase in the number of Corona suspected cases which review the hospital by 10 percent

The director of Damascus Hospital General Authority, Dr.Ahmed Abbas, confirmed that the suspected cases of Coronavirus, that checked into  the hospital during the current period, have increased by 10 percent from the previous period.

Dr. Abbas indicated in a statement to SANA that the second wave of Coronavirus that began in a number of governorates did not reach its peak in Damascus and is still under control until this time despite the increase in the number of cases with respiratory complaints. He stressed that the hospital is committed to the directives of the Ministry of Health in terms of precautionary procedures, raising the level of alertness, and stopping all operations, except for emergency and tumor related ones.

Inas Abdulkaree

Corona infects more than 64 million people and deaths are close to a million and a half around the world

The total number of people infected with the novel Coronavirus around the world since its outbreak last December has exceeded 64 million, while the total number of deaths is close to one and a half million.

According to the World Meters website, which is run by international researchers and developers, the Corona virus has killed one million and 487013 people around the world. The total number of infections reached 64 million and 208,879 while  44 million and 457096 others have recovered from the disease.

You can find more data in the following link:


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Britain agrees to use the (Pfizer Bionic) vaccine against the Coronavirus

On December 2nd, Britain announced its approval of the use of the Pfizer Bionic vaccine against the emerging coronavirus, indicating that it will be released for use next week.

“The government agreed to the recommendation of the Independent Agency for Regulating Medicines and Health Care Products to authorize the use of the Pfizer Bionic vaccine against Corona,” AFP quoted a British government spokesman as saying.