Health Ministry: 145 new coronavirus cases recorded, 49 patients recover, 9 pass away

Damascus, (ST)- The Health Ministry on Sunday announced that 145 new coronavirus cases were recorded in Syria, adding that 49 patients recovered and 9 others passed away.

In a statement, the ministry noted that the total number of coronavirus infections recorded in Syria has reached up to 10,195, of which 4,786 have recovered and 610 have passed away.

The first coronavirus case was detected in Syria on March 22nd in a person who came from abroad while the first death was registered on the 29th of the same month.

Haifaa Mafalani 


Coronavirus deaths are close to one million and 700 thousand cases

 The new Coronavirus has claimed the lives of one million 691959 people around the world since its appearance last December, according to the World Meter website.

  And the latest data from the site, managed by international experts and developers, indicated that the total number of corona infections around the world reached 76 million and 627080 cases, while 53 million and 751,803 people recovered from the epidemic.

Britain confirms the speed of the new mutation of the Coronavirus, and Dutch suspensions of all flights from the United Kingdom

On December 19th, Britain's chief doctor, Chris Whitty, announced that the new surge of the emerging coronavirus that was detected in his country is spreading very quickly.

“The British medical authorities have alerted the World Health Organization to the rapid spread of the boom in southeast England, and that it continues to analyze the received data to improve its understanding of the reality,” British media quoted Witty as saying.

The French Presidency announces that Macron has been infected with Corona and is undergoing health isolation

On December 17, the French Presidency announced that President Emmanuel Macron has been infected with the new Corona virus.

Agence France-Presse quoted the French presidential palace, the Elysee, as saying that Macron will be subject to health isolation after testing positive for the virus, adding that he will continue to carry out his duties despite this.

France is recording increasing daily infections with the virus, and the total number of infections in it has so far reached 2 million 409 thousand and 62 cases, while the total deaths reached 59,361 cases.

O. al-Mohammad

Health Ministry: Coronavirus infections in Syria witnessing an incline marking the start of a new wave

Director of the Health Ministry’s Preparedness and Emergency Department, Dr. Tawfiq Hasaba has stated that the officially registered cases of the Coronavirus in Syria are witnessing an incline which means that a new wave of the virus has started.

According to Dr. Hasaba, the increase in the Coronavirus infections started in mid November when the number of daily registered infections was an average of 30 with 3 deaths. However, in recent days, the daily figure climbed to 150 infections and 15 deaths. This indicates a five-fold increase in the rate of the officially announced infections and deaths since the middle of last month, he said.

He pointed out that the number of infections announced by the Ministry shows the cases that tested positive as a result of the (PCR) test, stressing that the number of patients and suspected cases receiving treatment in clinics, homes and hospitals is far more than the announced figure.