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Corona virus kills two million and 604 thousand people around the world

Capitals (ST): The new Corona virus has killed more than two million and 604 thousand people around the world since its appearance in December 2019 until now, according to the latest statistics of the American World Meters site.

According to the site, the total number of Coronavirus infections around the world has so far reached 117402958, and the total deaths have reached 2604,241 cases, while the total recoveries from the virus has reached 92847896 cases until today.

The United States continues to lead the countries most affected by the virus in terms of deaths and infections, with 537723 deaths out of 2968722 cases, followed by India with 157890 deaths out of 11229271 cases, then Brazil third, with 265411 deaths out of 11019344 infections


Ministry of Health launches first national vaccination campaign for 2021 against polio

The Ministry of Health launched today the first national vaccination campaign for 2021 against polio. The campaign targets children from one day to five years old, regardless of previous vaccinations through health centers, mobile teams and temporary accommodation centers, while taking all precautionary measures to address Coronavirus.

The campaign targets 2800,448 children under the age of five in various governorates. About 4,250 workers in fixed health centers, 4,875 workers in mobile teams, 130 workers in supply teams, 750 supervisors take part in the campaign. They will provide vaccination services through 1073 health centers and 2,437 mobile teams.

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A surgery through lumbar-cervical anesthesia …..The first in Syria and the 11th in the world

A medical team at  Al-Mujtahid Hospital in Damascus succeeded in carrying out  a qualitative surgery “complete laryngectomy with selective bilateral neck scraping in addition to esophagus  fabrication” through lumbar anesthesia for a 61-year-old patient.

The specialist and Head of the ear department at the hospital, Dr. Razan Al-Jasem  explained in a statement to SANA  that the success and quality of the operation is due to the use of lumbar anesthesia for the neck due to the risk of general anesthesia on the patient’s life because of  the presence  of moderate-severity pulmonary emphysema with second-degree prickly cell larynx  cancer of the glottis and supraglottis.

Corona infections around the world exceed115 million

On March 4th, the number of Coronavirus infections around the world increased to 115 million and 779777.

According to the latest statistics published by the World Meters website, the number of deaths from the disease reached two million and 572006. 91 million and 483468 recoveries.

India recorded 17,407 new infections with the virus, bringing the total number to 11 million and 156,923, while the number of deaths reached 157,435, after a daily increase of 89 cases.

In South Korea, the number of infections rose to 91,240 after 424 new infections were recorded, while the number of deaths increased to 1619, with seven new cases recorded.


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National anti-polio vaccination campaign to kick off next Sunday

The Health Ministry is getting ready to launch its first national anti-polio vaccination campaign for 2021, targeting children under the age of 5 regardless of the previous vaccinations they underwent.

The campaign will start next Sunday- March 7- and will last until March 11. It will be implemented in the health centers in different provinces and through mobile vaccination teams, taking the anti-Coronavirus precautionary measures into consideration.

The vaccination is safe and free and the campaign targets about 2.8 million children in different Syrian provinces, according to the ministry.