Cyprus imposes complete closure to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic

Nicosia (ST): Cyprus has announced its intention to impose a complete closure in the country to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic after the failure of the current measures in lowering the number of daily infection cases in the country.

France Press Agency quoted the Cypriot health minister Constantinos Ioannou  as saying that the new measures, which will take effect as of next Sunday until the end of January, aim to protect the health sector in the country underlining the importance for citizens to stay at home to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Corona virus infections exceed 86.3 million worldwide

Capitals (ST): The US registered 100053 new coronavirus infection cases during the last 24 hours bringing the total number of infections to about 22 million. 

According to the worldometer website about 1532 death cases were also registered yesterday raising the total number of deaths from this fatal virus to 367196.

In India, the total number of infection cases exceeded 10 million after registering 12538 new cases whereas the number of deaths resulting from corona virus reached 150272.

In Brazil, 13609 new infection cases were registered raising the number of infections to about 8 millions.

Czech Republic tops the list of countries with the highest Corona cases in the world

Prague, (St) -The most widespread website Seizenam in the Czech Republic reported that, with the beginning of the New Year, Czech topped the list of countries with the highest Coronavirus infections around the world.

The site indicated that the average rate of infections in Czech Republic during the past seven days was 932 infections per million people, while the number in Lithuania reached 842 and in San Marino it reached 829 injuries per million people.

The site added that, there is also on the list of the increasing coronavirus infections countries like, Britain, with an average rate of 773, Liechtenchenen 764, Panama 741, Slovenia 707, Cyprus 704 and Andorra 686.

The Czech Ministry of Health announced that since last November, more than 1.5 million tests have been conducted to detect corona.

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Aoun agrees to impose a total closure in Lebanon to counter the spread of Corona

Beirut,(ST)-Lebanese President Michel Aoun today signed the exceptional approval for a total closure in Lebanon starting from the day after  tomorrow, Thursday, until Monday morning, the first of next February, in the context of confronting the spread of the new Coronavirus in the country.

Aoun's approval came based on the proposal of the Prime Minister and the ministerial committee charged with following up the Corona epidemic.

Corona virus claims lives of more than one million and 850 thousand people around the world

The novel Coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than one million and 850 thousand people around the world since its eruption in December 2019, according to the latest statistics of the American World Meters site.

More data is available in the following link: 


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