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Corona deaths around the world exceed five million and 552 thousand people

Capitals, (ST) -  The death toll from infection with the Corona virus around the world since its outbreak began in December 2019 has exceeded five million and 552,000 people, according to the latest statistics from the American Worldo meter website.


According to the website, the total number of coronavirus infections around the world has so far reached 3,261,99434 cases, and the total deaths have reached 55,524,440 cases, while the total number of recoveries from infection has reached 2,662,71344 cases.

The United States continues to lead the countries  most affected by the virus in terms of infections and deaths, with 872,735 deaths out of 6,6372,563 infections, followed by India with 486,094 deaths out of 37119,961 infections, and Brazil third, with 620,971 deaths out of 229,975,723 infections.

Raghda Sawas