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After Lebanon, China donates to Iraq 50 thousand doses of Covid-19 vaccine

On Tuesday dawn, 50 thousand doses of Coronavirus vaccine arrived to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, as a gift from the Chinese government.

According to media sources, an Iraqi military plane arrived from China carrying 50,000 doses of (Sinopharma) vaccine as a gift from China, provided that Iraq would receive other paid payments.

Iraqi Health Minister Hassan Al-Tamimi said during a press conference at Baghdad International Airport: "It was agreed with the Chinese ambassador to Iraq to supply two million doses of (Sinopharma) vaccine in an urgent manner."

Earlier, the Chinese ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Qijian, tweeted that “at the request of the Lebanese side, the Chinese government decided to donate 50,000 doses of  “Sinopharm” vaccine to Lebanon to help it fight the Corona epidemic.”

Inas Abdulkareem