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Syria to start giving COVID-19 vaccine to frontline healthcare workers as of next week

The Minister of Health Hassan Al-Ghabbash on Thursday announced that the ministry will start giving COVID-19 vaccine to members of the medical staff, who are in the front lines of treating coronavirus-infected patients, as of next week in different Syrian provinces.

In a press conference, Al-Ghabbash said that “after receiving the vaccine from a friendly country and under direct instructions by President Bashar Al-Assad, the ministry will start vaccinating the frontline healthcare workers, particularly those who enter isolation rooms” pointing out that the confirmed coronavirus infection rate among these workers is 3.6%.

Dr. Al-Ghabbash explained that the aim of starting to provide the vaccine to healthcare workers is to protect them and their families from infection so that they continue to provide necessary healthcare in the best possible way.

He affirmed that despite the harsh conditions, the unfair siege and the limited capabilities, the ministry managed to control the health damage that resulted from the COVID-19 epidemic that hit the whole world and negatively affected the economic, social and health situation in many developed countries.

 Hamda Mustafa