More than two million and 32 thousand deaths and more than 95 million cases of Coronavirus in the world

On January 17th, the total number of the new Corona virus infections in the world reached 95 million and 40,333 cases, and the total deaths two million and 32,750 deaths.

67 million and 867,623 people have recovered from the virus in the world, according to the American World Meter website.

The United States is still in the list of countries affected by the virus, with a total of 24 million 306043 infections and 405,261 deaths.

India came in second place, recording 10 million, 558,710 infections and 152,311 deaths in total.

In Poland, the total number of infections reached 19 million and 435582, after the announcement of 6,055 new infections, and the total deaths reached 33,355 after 142 new deaths were recorded.

The Ukrainian authorities announced the registration of 5990 new cases of the virus, bringing the total number of infections throughout the country to one million and 160,682 cases, while the total deaths reached 20,802 cases after the announcement of 116 new deaths during the past twenty-four hours.

In Romania, the total number of infections reached 693644 after 2,156 new infections were recorded, and the total deaths reached 17,221 after the announcement of 57 new deaths.

Austria recorded 393778 infections after the announcement of 1,267 new infections, and 29 new deaths, bringing the total deaths throughout the country to 7,082 deaths.


O. al-Mohammad