Iraqi Parliamentary Crisis Cell recommends closing the borders

The Iraqi  Parliamentary Crisis Cell recommended closing the borders with neighboring countries for a period of 14 days, considering  the government's measures to prevent the new strain of Corona from entering Iraq as  good and pre emptive.

"The epidemiological situation of the new Coronavirus in Iraq is very good, as the number of infections and deaths is constantly declining, and this gives a good indication," the Iraqi news agency "Conscious" quoted the cell’s reporter Jawad Al-Mousawi as saying.

"The government's measures, represented by the Ministry of Health, to prevent the entry of the new strain into Iraq are very good and were early, but some borders are still open”, he added, calling on the government to close the borders with neighboring countries, especially Iran, Syria and Turkey for 14 days to prevent the new strain from entering Corona.

He pointed out that "there is a lack of commitment to health measures from the citizens, as  gatherings still exist."

Inas Abdulkareem