ISO certificate awarded to Damascus Countryside Health Department, Qatana and Al Qteifah Hospitals, for providing the best quality services

Damascus (ST): The Directorate of Health in Damascus Countryside and the national hospitals of Qatana and Al-Qteifah  have received an ISO 9001: 2015 certificate related to developing medical work and providing services with the best quality.

The Damascus Countryside Health Directorate was granted an ISO certificate for the quality of the administrative services provided in it. 

Qatana National Hospital was granted the certificate for its application for the quality system in the general and internal care departments, outpatient clinics, children, incubators and gynecology departments , while it was awarded to the Qteifah National Hospital for its application of the quality system in the departments of outpatient clinics, general care, kidney washing and radiology, surgical division, incubators and pharmacy. 

In a statement to journalists, the Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Al-Ghobash, said that certificate  is a source of pride and confirms that the health and administrative staff are making the best efforts to provide health service with the best quality and control infection despite the difficult conditions imposed on Syria due to the terrorist war launched against it. 

He added  that  obtaining this certificate is a message that despite the blockade and the harsh conditions, the Syrian doctors and administrative staff  continue their work and strive to develop themselves and fulfill their duties to provide the best services to citizens.

In turn, the Governor of Damascus Countryside, Engineer Mo’ataz Abu Al-Nasr Jamran, considered that obtaining a quality certificate for health personnel and government hospitals that provide free service under these difficult circumstances, especially with the spread of the Corona pandemic, constitutes a medal for which they deserve thanks.

The Director of Damascus Countryside Health, Dr. Yassin Na'anous, said that obtaining the certificate will result in providing more impetus for  health personnel  to continue providing medical services with the best quality .

On October 8, 2019, the General Authority of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Hospital received the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for the Intensive Care Departments, the Otolaryngology Division, the Hormones Laboratory, the Training and Rehabilitation Directorate, and the Biological Infusion Unit that serves joint, gastrointestinal and skin patients.

 Al-Bassel Hospital for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery also obtained this certificate in 2017.