Corona virus kills about two million people around the world

Corona virus has killed more than one million and 988 thousand people around the world since its appearance in December 2019, according to the American Worldometers website.

According to the site, the total number of Coronavirus infections in the world has reached 92,833,856, and the total death cases reached 1,988,082, while the total number of recoveries has reached 66,385,481.

The German Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases announced that the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Germany increased by 25,164, bringing the total to one million and 978,590, while 1244 new deaths were reported from the virus, bringing the total to 43,881.

In China, the National Health Commission announced that the Chinese mainland recorded 138 new confirmed cases yesterday, of which 124 were domestic infections and the rest were imported from outside the Chinese mainland.

The total confirmed cases of Covid 19 disease on the Chinese mainland reached 87,844, and the total deaths rose to 4,635

Sanaa Hasan