The Lebanese President calls for declaring a health emergency to confront Corona

On January 11th, Lebanese President General Michel Aoun called for declaring a state of health emergency to confront the expansion of the emerging Corona virus.

“The tragedy that we see at the gates of hospitals requires radical measures so that we can mitigate the catastrophic consequences of the outbreak of the virus,” Aoun said at the start of his presidency of the Supreme Defense Council session .

In turn, the Prime Minister of the Lebanese caretaker government, Hassan Diab renewed the warning about the health reality that Lebanon is witnessing.


Diab said: “Unfortunately we are facing a frightening health reality.”

Lebanese medical sources warned that the number of Corona infections would rise to 8,000 and even 10,000 per day, unless the Lebanese adhere to health procedures and controls.

On January 10th, the Lebanese Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded 16 deaths and 3,743 new infections of Corona, noting that the total number of infections reached 219,296 cases and 1606 deaths.


O. al-Mohammad