Diab: Lebanon has entered a dangerous phase of Corona outbreak

Lebanese Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab has warned that Lebanon has entered a dangerous stage in terms of the outbreak of  the Corona epidemic.

Diab said during the meeting of Lebanese Ministerial Committee on Confronting the epidemic today  "All indications about the outbreak of the Corona epidemic clearly indicate that we have entered the stage of severe danger or at the minimum, we are at the gates of this stage."


” He added ... "Our duty is to protect the Lebanese from themselves due to the recklessness of a large part of them, and we have to rectify the situation with a complete, strict and firm closure of the country, or we will face a Lebanese model more dangerous than the Italian model.".

In the same context a Lebanese medical sources had warned that the number of Corona infections would rise to 8,000 and even ten thousand per day, unless the Lebanese adhered to health procedures and controls.

Sanaa Hasan