Corona infections around the world exceed 90 million

 On January 10th, the number of new Coronavirus infections around the world exceeded ninety million, while  deaths exceeded one million and 935 cases, according to the latest statistics of the American World Meter website.

The website reported that the number of infections in the world has reached 90,093,060 since the emergence of the virus at the end of the last year 2019, and the number of deaths 193,5074, while the total number of people recovering from the virus has reached 64,489,101 cases. 

The United States continues to top the list of countries most affected by the virus, with 22 million, 699, 938 cases, and 381 480 deaths, followed by India, with 1,0451346 cases and 151,048 deaths, and Brazil is third, with 8075998 infections.

O. al-Mohammad