Governor of Quneitra says to (al-Watan) newspaper: Priorities to secure the governorate and take care of citizens

Quneitra, (ST) – The mess and the security chaos that happened in the governorate at the hands of armed terrorists groups and the suffering of citizens are treated quickly by the governorate, Governor of Quneitra Ahmad Sheikh Abdul Kader asserted to al-Watan daily.

The Governor spoke about the victories that Syrian army is achieving in the governorate against the terrorists groups.

The Identity

Al- Sweida governorate has witnessed recently at its Educational Theater a special ceremony for honoring the distinguished director Ghassan Shmait for his movie the Identity.

The event which was organized by the Administrative Council for al- Golan Sons Association came within the activities of Shahba Festival for Heritage.

Golan Uniform

Golan Bedouins Sheikhs clans are still wearing the traditional uniform and they are proud of it, because it has has many significances and means.

The uniform consists of head dress and body dress.

The head dress consists of three parts: 1- al Eqaal, 2- al Baoal (kind of cloth), 3- al Hattah or al Shoura, 4- al Esaba (made from silk and golden strings).

Golan people mark 41st anniversary of October War

OCCUPIED GOLAN, (ST)_People of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan staged Monday a stand marking the 41st anniversary of the October 6 war of liberation and denounced the twin terrorist blasts that targeted a school complex in Ekrema quarter in Homs city.

The participants set off from Sultan Basha al-Atrash square in the heart of occupied city of Majdal Shams towards martyrs' monument in the city where they laid wreaths on the monument.

Golan will remain Syrian Arab territory

The Zionist entity is still attempting to obliterate and suppress the reality and deceiving the world that the issue of Golan is terminated after annexing it to the state of Israel, which will stay an oppressive occupation and entity based on the occupation of others’ lands.

 The world is asking the Zionist entity to commit to the international legitimacy resolutions related to the Arab-Israeli issue.