President Hafez Al-Assad's Struggle for Golan Heights (1)

 The Occupied Syrian Golan Heights was indeed one of the central causes of the late President Hafez Al-Assad. The Syria Times takes honor in publishing some of the golden sayings by the late President about the Golan:

"Our will for peace is boosted by determination on the liberation, restoration of rights and on safeguarding national dignity. It was our keenness on the peace process as well as on securing security and stability in the region which, time and again, motivated us to keep on announcing our preparedness to resume peace negotiations from where they broke off and on the basis of acknowledging what the previous two Israeli Premiers committed themselves to and on the same bases of the UN Security Council Resolutions and the principle of land for peace," His Excellency has ever called for the establishment of a just balanced New World order in which" Neither the strong control others with their strength nor the weak are weakened by their weakness."

"We Want the Mediterranean to be a sea of peace and friendship where seagulls fly, ships of amity sail not warplanes of killing and destruction,’’

Lattakia, 1987,

Zionist Occupation Again Postpones Al-Maqt’s Trial, Extends His Detention

QUNEITRA, (ST)-The Israeli occupation authorities persist in committing violations and aggressive acts against the people of the occupied Syrian Golan.

In a new development, the Zionist authorities yesterday extended for the second time the detention of Sidqi al-Maqt, the dean of the Syrian prisoners in the occupation’s jails and postponed his trial. The Authorities had fixed May 23rd as the date for al-Maqt trial.  

Popular Commission for Liberating Occupied Golan Stresses Continuous Struggle to Eradicate Terrorism, Achieve Victory

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Popular Commission for the Liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan has stressed that it will keep working to defend the homeland and confront the takfiri terrorist forces as to help Syria restore its role in leading the Arab struggle to achieve complete victory over aggression forces.

Syria demands release of al-Makt from Israeli jails

Damascus, Syria demanded the release of Sudki al-Makt, twice a prisoner in Israeli jails.

Al-Makt, who was arrested by Israel for the second time weeks ago, is subjected to “brutal treatment and harsh torture” by his jailers who are denying him his rights enshrined in international law and human rights, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry

Flagrant Violation of International Law

The Israeli occupation recent decision to give the go ahead for Afek Oil will to begin drilling in the occupied Golan Heights violates international law and United Nations resolutions and contradict every sense of reason and logic.

Afek Oil, controlled by the US's Genie Energy, is run by Israel's former Minister of National Infrastructure, Effie Eitam. The US former Vice President Dick Cheney also works as an advisor for the company.