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Commemorating 42nd anniversary of liberating Quneitra, people of occupied Golan renew steadfastness against occupation

Occupied Syrian Golan– People of occupied Syrian Golan stressed steadfastness against the Israeli occupation and its brutal exercises, underlining that only the will of the Syrians and their sacrifices will defeat terrorism, SANA reported.

The 26th of June, 1974 marks a day of pride for Syrians across the country on which the Israeli occupation of the southern city of Quneitra was brought to an end.

Occupation Prevents People of Occupied Syrian Golan from Visiting Their Imprisoned Sons

QUNEITRA, (ST)- The Israeli occupation authorities on Sunday prevented people of the occupied Syrian Golan from visiting their sons and relatives imprisoned and detained in the Israeli jails.

The Israeli occupation behavior is a further proof that the occupation keeps violating the rights of the people in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Health Conditions of Syrians in Occupied Golan Deteriorating due to Occupation's Acts

GENEVA- Health Minister Dr. Nizar Yazigi said on Thursday that the health conditions of the Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan continue to deteriorate despite repeated calls by the Syrian government on the international organizations to pressure Israeli occupation authorities to improve their health conditions, according to SANA.

The minister was speaking during the 69th session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) at the UN headquarters in Geneva in which the participants discussed health conditions in Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan.

Shaaban reiterates Syrian Golan is 'national cause'

In 1998, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's personal friend Ronald Lauder made nine secret visits to Damascus and met the late President Hafez al-Assad and few officials to convey Netanyahu's will to establish peaceful relationships with Syria and to give back the Golan to Syria.

Lauder told the late President al-Assad that Netanyahu is interested in establishing peaceful relations with Syria and to withdraw from the Syrian Golan without defining the June 1967 lines. So, the late president explained to the Israeli visitor the difference between the 1923 lines and the 1967 lines.

UNSC Renews Rejection to Recognize Zionist Occupation's Annexation of Syrian Golan Heights

UNITED NATIONS, (ST)- The International Security Council on Tuesday renewed its rejection to recognize the Israeli occupation's annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan, expressing concern over Israeli officials' remarks on perpetuating the occupation of Syrian lands.

AFP reported that the Security Council's 15 member states stressed that Golan status will remain unchanged.