UNGA Renews Call on Zionist Occupation to Comply with Resolutions

 UNGA Renews Call on Zionist Occupation to Comply with Resolutions on Occupied Syrian Golan

 NEW YORK, (ST)- The United Nations has renewed its call on Israel to comply with UN resolutions relating to the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly resolutions No. 497 for the year 1981 which considers the Israeli occupation’s decision to impose its laws and jurisdiction on the occupied Syrian Golan as null and void.

The UN General Assembly yesterday overwhelmingly adopted a resolution on occupied Golan Heights urging Israel’s occupying authority to immediately give up its Golan annexation decision. The resolution considers that “all the legislative and administrative measures and procedures adopted or to be adopted by Israel aiming to change the legal or the demographic character of the occupied Syrian Golan  as null and void and as a blatant violation of international law and the Geneva accord on protecting civilians at war time.”

The resolution also called on Israel to stop imposing the Israeli citizenship and identity on the Syrian citizens in occupied Golan and to halt its oppressive measures against the people there.

The resolution condemned Israel’s violation of the Geneva Convention relating to protecting civilians at war time and renewed its call on the UN member states not to recognize any anti-international law Israeli procedures or measures in occupied Golan.

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UN demands occupation annul Golan annexation decision…al-Jaafari stresses right to fully restore occupied Golan

New York – The UN demanded that Israel comply with the international legitimacy’s resolutions on the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly the Security Council resolution no. 497 of 1981 that declared Israel’s decision to impose its laws and jurisdiction on the Golan as “null and void and without international legal effect”, SANA reported.

The UN’s demand came during the General Assembly’s seventieth session held Tuesday at which the Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization) approved a draft resolution on “The occupied Syrian Golan”.

An overwhelming majority of the delegations of state members voted in favor of the resolution, in whose preparation 35 states took part, which shows the great international support given to the issue of fully restoring Golan to the line of June 4th, 1967.

Apple of Discord: Golan Heights Oil

An apparent discovery of huge volumes of oil in the occupied Golan Heights brings the stakes of the Russian support to Syria to a new geopolitical dimension, F. William Engdahl stresses.

 It is no secret anymore that the Western political establishment and its Gulf allies have facilitated the Syrian turmoil of 2011 which then evolved into a war in order to build competing gas pipelines through Syria to Turkey or via Lebanon to the Mediterranean.

Occupation looting of Golan oil

According to Geoff Rochwarger, CEO of Afek, energy independence is the new Zionism.

The Afek oil and gas exploration company has almost completed its second drilling test in the Golan Heights, a part of Syria which Israel has occupied since 1967 and annexed in violation of international law.

The test is part of a three-year program to see if hydrocarbons in the area could lead to oil or gas for Israel.

People of occupied Syrian Golan stage sit-in to protest Israeli arbitrary arrests campaign

Occupied Syrian Golan – The people of the occupied Syrian Golan staged a sit-in on Saturday in the town of Majdal Shams to protest the campaign of arbitrary arrests carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Participants in the sit-in voiced rejection of the arbitrary practices carried out by the Israeli occupation, asserting that they will not succumb to the desperate Israeli attempts to break their willpower and their adherence to their Syrian identity, and calling for releasing the people of Golan being held in Israeli occupation jails.