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Syrian Army's Victory over Takfir Terrorism Inevitable: Sidqi al-Maqt

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Dean of Syrian and Arab captives in the Israeli occupation jails Sidqi al-Maqt  has renewed his confidence in the Syrian Arab army's inevitable victory over takfiri terrorism, in the liberation of the entire Syrian soil and in the restoration of security to Syria.

In a message from inside his prison in Negev in the occupied Palestinian territories, al-Maqt congratulated the Syrian people, army and leadership on Eid al-Adha hoping that peace will prevail soon across Syria.

Zionist Occupation Plans to Build Field Hospital in Occupied Syrian Golan to Provide Treatment for Terrorists

OCCUPIED Al-QUDS, (ST)- The Zionist occupation plans to build a new field hospital in the occupied Syrian Golan to provide medical treatment to injured members of terrorist organizations in Syria, an Israeli occupation officer revealed on Wednesday.

Many facts have appeared about the volume of coordination and cooperation between the terrorist organizations in Syria and the Zionist enemy, starting with the meetings of the so-called "Syrian opposition figures" with Zionists and their appearing on Zionist media, mutual messages between the two sides, opening the Israeli hospitals widely to injured terrorists not to mention the Israeli support for the terrorist groups through supplying them with weapons and sophisticated military equipments.

Golan Definite Return

 The Foreign and Expatriate Ministry affirmed that Syria categorically rejects the announcement by the Israeli occupation on holding elections of the so-called “local councils” on October 2018 in the villages of the occupied Syrian Golan, stressing that the Golan is an integral part of the Syrian territory and that it will return to the motherland sooner or later.

In letters to the UN Secretary General and the Head of the Security Council, the Ministry, according to SANA, said that the Israeli entity has recently issued new resolutions related to holding elections of the so-called local councils in the villages of the occupied Syrian Golan according to Israeli law.

The Ministry pointed out that these Israeli actions come as no surprise because Israel has been investing in the crisis in Syria through its support to the armed terrorist groups which was clear since the beginning of the foreign-backed terrorism war against Syria.

The letters noted that the Syrian Arab citizens of the occupied Golan have rejected in the national document which they had issued on 25/3/1981 any decision issued by the Israeli occupation entity to annex the Golan as well as their rejection of all Israeli decisions aimed at depriving them of their Syrian Arab identity.

The Ministry indicated that the fifth paragraph of the aforementioned document provided that they do not recognize any group of the so-called local councils and that the heads and the members of these councils do not represent them, and that they made an irrevocable decision to reject the imposition of the Israeli identity on them, adding that after they learned the new Israeli decision, the people of the Golan renewed their vehement rejection of these Israeli measures.

The letters went on to say that Israel, which refused to comply with International legitimacy over the past years and rebelled against its decisions to end the occupation of the Syrian Arab Golan, has repeated this rebellion by issuing this new decision.

The Ministry pointed out that the Security Council affirmed in its resolution no. 497 that the Israeli decision to impose its law, authority, and administration in the occupied Syrian Golan is null , void, and without international legal power, adding that the Security Council demanded that Israel immediately annul its decision and declared that all provisions of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons in the Time of War are still in effect in the Syrian territory occupied by Israel since June 1967.

The letters asserted that the new Israeli decisions constitute another flagrant violation of the UN Charter, international humanitarian law, and the Geneva Convention.

The Ministry went on to say that Syria calls upon the UN Secretary General and the Security Council to condemn these new provocative Israeli measures that blatantly violate the Security Council resolution 497, demanding that the Council force Israel to release Syrian and Palestinian captives from Israeli jails, including Sedqi al-Maqet, who has spent more than 30 years in Israeli jails.

The Ministry concluded by saying that Syria categorically rejects the new Israeli decision and that it reiterates that the Golan is an integral part of Syrian territory and will return to the homeland sooner or later, stressing its commitment to standing by its people in the occupied Golan who reject the annexation and this new decision.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Struggle Will Continue until Entire Occupied Syrian Golan Is Liberated

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Popular Commission for the Liberation of Golan has stressed that struggle will continue until the entire occupied Syrian Golan is liberated and that the fight against terrorism will never stop till it is completely defeated.

In a statement marking the 43rd anniversary of liberating Quneitra and the 11th anniversary for the commission's establishment, the commission reiterated that "Syria's strength and immunity will increase given the steadfastness of the Syrian people side by side with the resistance axis and the support of the country's true friends."

Syrian Freedom Fighter Sidqi al-Maqt Vows to Continue Struggle against Occupation and Its Mercenaries

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Sidqi al-Maqt, Dean of the Syrian and Arab Prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails, has stressed his determination to continue the struggle from inside the prison cell against the occupation and its mercenaries from  Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists. He stressed loyalty to his homeland, Syria, and to Syria's steadfast people and legendary army led by President Bashar Al-Assad.