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Citizens in occupied Syrian Golan stress support for the Syrian Army in fighting the Turkish-backed terrorists in Idleb

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Citizens in Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan have affirmed their support for the Syrian Arab Army in fighting Turkish-backed terrorist organizations in Idleb, reiterating that attempts by President of the Turkish regime to maintain the presence of the terrorists in Idleb will fail and that Syria will continue to be the graveyard of aggressors and invaders.

The 38th Anniversary of The National Open Strike

"The Resistance in the Golan is a popular decision and emerges once the State is to renounce the policy of liberating the land," stated H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad to Al-Mayadeen TV ,October 21,2013.

"It is not about winning or losing in territorial terms. We are not two states, one controlling an area belonging to the other, as in the case with Israel, which occupies our Golan Heights. This is about terrorism, which should be eliminated. When we liberate a certain area, as we have done in many areas of Syria, it doesn’t mean that we are winning, because the terrorists withdraw to another area and destroy it. That’s why we are also concerned about our citizens’ security. It is also important for us to win the support of our population: we win with their support and vice versa," added President Assad in his interview with the German Der Spiegel News Magazine October,7,2013.

People of occupied Golan begin general strike to protest against Israel’s project to build wind turbines on their farmlands

QUNEITRA, (ST)- People of the occupied Syrian Golan on Sunday began a general strike to protest against the Israeli aggressive and expansionist practices carried out on the locals in  the Golan, most recent of which is building wind turbines on their farmlands.

The strike comes after yesterday’s meeting of notables and dignitaries from the Golan in the occupied town of Majdal Shams.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Quneitra, the people of Golan said that building the wind turbines is part of the Israeli settlement building plan that aims at displacing the locals and stealing their lands, particularly as the project is in its implementation phase despite the rejection of the locals and despite its violation of international laws and conventions.

A national activity in Ain Al-Tineh, Quneitra, on the occasion of the liberation of the two prisoners, Sidqi al-Maqt and Amal Abu Saleh

Quneitra, ST- With an official and popular participation, a national activity was held today in Ain al-Tineh, opposite to the town of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan, in homage to the victory of the resistance and breaking the will of the Israeli occupier, on the occasion of the liberation of the Dean of the Syrian and Arab captives in the Israeli occupation jails Sidqi Suleiman Al-Maqt and the prisoner Amal Fawzi Abu Saleh.

Participants in the activity, which was held by the Governorate of Quneitra in cooperation with the Union of Revolution Youth and Popular Activities, confirmed that the liberation of the heroic prisoners from the occupation prisons is a victory for Syria , especially that it coincides with the victories of the Syrian Arab Army in its battles against terrorism. The participants renewed their insistence on completing the battle until the liberation of the entire occupied Syrian Golan.


Justice Served

The Syrian hero Sedqi Suleiman al-Maqat's freedom out from the Israeli occupation prisons is in the interest of justice, legality and right.

The hero al-Maqat's return to the bosom of the big mother homeland has been mingled with honor, bravery and manhood; still there was a bitter feeling of sorrow and sadness as the heroine mother of the hero the late mother, Mahmouda Ali al-Maqt al-Maqat, passed away after long thorny days of waiting on pins and needles as to embrace the hero son!

Be sure hero, all kindness and tenderness of the Syrian motherhood are yours; as you have indeed been a legend of struggle and resistance against occupation.