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General Conference of the Arab Parties stresses the inevitability of liberating Golan from Israeli occupation

Beirut (ST): The General Secretariat of the General Conference of the Arab Parties affirmed its complete rejection of the US decision related to the occupied Syrian Arab Golan stressing the Syrian Arab identity of the Golan which will be liberated from occupation.
In a statement released on the 72nd Nakba anniversary, the General Secretariat denounced the US policies and the tight economic blockade being imposed on Syria and Iran and all states in the axis of resistance with the aim of weakening them and preserving the so-called security of the Zionist entity.

On Martyrs' Day, people in occupied Syrian Golan are more determined to continue defending Syria's sacred soil, dignity

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Marking Martyrs' Day, people in the occupied Syrian Golan have reaffirmed their adherence to their homeland and their determination to offer sacrifices in defense of Syria's sacred soil and dignity.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Golanese said, addressing the Syrians countrywide, that the anniversary of Martyrs' Day, which falls on May 6th every year, comes while victorious Syria is still offering martyrs in defense of the entire Arab nation."

"Convoys of martyrs have never stopped since the beginning of the occupation of Syrian territories, mainly the Golan, the dear part of the homeland, which has been in the forefront in defense of Syria since the Ottoman occupation followed by the French colonialism and the Zionist occupation," People in the Golan stressed.

Syrian captives in Israeli jails are more determined to continue resisting the occupation

The struggle of the people in the occupied Syrian Golan will continue against the Israeli occupation even from behind the bars of the occupation jails until every inch of the sacred soil of Golan is liberated, Sidqi al-Maqt, Dean of the Syrian prisoners, who has recently been liberated following more than 30 years in Israeli jails, has stressed marking the Syrian Captive Day which is observed on April 21st.

The Syrian Captive Day comes this year as the people in Golan are facing both the Israeli occupation and the deadly coronavirus epidemic with strong steadfastness and more determination to continue resisting and struggling against the inhuman and aggressive practices of the Israeli occupation.

Al-Maqt reiterated that the captives' movement in Golan has been the result of tens of years of constant struggle against occupation by Syrian and Palestinian prisoners through confronting the prisons' administration, launching the battle of the empty stomach and foiling the occupation's schemes against the captives who are now experiencing difficult circumstances amid the spread of coronavirus.

People of Golan affirm on the anniversary of the March revolution : The march of resistance and steadfastness continues

Quneitra, (ST) – The people of the occupied Syrian Golan reiterated their adherence to their homeland and their determination to resist the arbitrary and aggressive practices of the Israeli occupation authorities.

That came during a rally organized by the people of the occupied Syrian Golan in the occupied village of Buq’ata on Sunday on the occasion of March 8th Revolution ,international Women’s Day, as well as commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the martyrdom of Ghalia Farhat.

Cuba: Occupied Golan is a Syrian land

QUNEITRA, (ST)-The Cuban ambassador in Damascus Miguel Porto Parga has  affirmed his country's solidarity with Syria in the face of the global terrorist war waged against it because of its support for liberation and resistance forces in the world.

During his visit to the Quneitra city crossing  on Thursday, the Cuban ambassador reiterated that the occupied Syrian Golan is a Syrian Arab land and that all the Israeli occupation’s measures as well as the US President Donald Trump’s declaration on the Syrian Golan are illegal.

He told SANA correspondent in the city that his visit is a message of solidarity and support for Syria and for its right to liberate all its occupied territories.