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The 39th anniversary of the Israeli occupation's ill-famed decision to annex the Syrian Golan

December 14th marks the 39th anniversary of the ill-famed Israeli decision to annex the occupied Syrian Golan. People in the occupied Syrian Golan mark this anniversary every year to affirm that they will continue to be adherent to the Syrian national identity, that the Golan will continue to be a Syrian Arab land and that the Israeli annexation decision is null and void.

Since 1981, the people in the occupied Syrian Golan confronted the Israeli occupation’s arbitrary measures and thwarted the implementation of the administrative rules of this vicious decision by adhering to the "National Document" that they issued on March 25th, 1981, and by affirming that the occupied Golan is an integral part of Syria and that the Syrian Arab nationality is an inherent characteristic that never disappears.

On February 14th, 1982, the people in the occupied Golan carried out a national strike that lasted for six months in protest against the Israeli occupation’s annexation decision and attempts to impose the "Israeli identity". During this period, the Syrian Golan witnessed massive demonstrations against the occupation’s practices during which the citizens managed to impose their will which absolutely rejects this racist decision.

Citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan: Golan will ever remain Syrian

Damascus, (ST) -  The Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan affirmed that the occupied Golan is part and parcel of the Syrian Arab Republic, stressing that this right is eternal.

In a statement on the anniversary of the ill-famed decision to annex Golan, our citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan stressed that the invalid annexation decision issued by the Israeli occupation entity on December 14, 1981, and the recognition of the outgoing US President Donald Trump of it will not change anything of the facts of history, geography, and national belonging of the occupied Syrian Golan.

On February, 14th 1982, Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan announced 6-month national strike as they held massive demonstrations at the Golan’s village to express their categorical rejection of that ominous decision which was issued by the occupation authorities on December 14th 1981.

Citizens in Golan affirmed in their statement their absolute rejection of all annexation and land confiscation plans, on top of which is setting up wind turbines on their lands.

Israeli occupation extends detention period of two young men from occupied Syrian Golan over participating in demonstrations against turbine project

The Israeli occupation forces extended the detention period of two young men from the occupied Syrian Golan on the backdrop of their participation in yesterday’s demonstrations against the occupation’s plan to build giant wind turbines on their agricultural lands.

SANA reporter in Al-Quneitra said that the occupation forces continue the detention of Taymor Noureddin Masoud and Nader Ghassan Al-Sha’er, from the occupied Syrian Golan, who were among eight young men detained by the Israeli forces over their confrontation of the occupation’s turbine project.

The steadfastness of the people of the occupied Syrian Golan and their adherence to their rights and lands, which they expressed through demonstrations, protests and public anger yesterday in the occupied villages of Majdal Shams, Baq’ata, Masada and Ein Qiniyye, has forced the occupation to bow to their demands not to enter the lands of the occupied town of Shayta again to build the giant wind turbines and to release a number of the detainees.

Golan will remain the compass for all honest people, says Lebanese Democratic Party

Beirut, (ST) - The Lebanese Democratic Party affirmed its stand by the people of the occupied Syrian Golan in their battle to defend their land, identity and existence, stressing that the Golan will remain Arab in identity and will remain the compass for all honorable people in this nation.

The party condemned in a statement that SANA received a copy of that, the Zionist enemy‘s settlement and displacement plans, the most recent of which is given under the cover of establishing "turbines", referring to the occupation’s seizure of thousands of dunams of agricultural land.

In its statement, the party saluted our people in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan, calling on international organizations, especially the United Nations, to intervene immediately to stop the occupation's attacks and violations against our people in Golan.

Al-Maqt: People of the occupied Syrian Golan will hinder and stop the turbine settlement scheme on their lands

Occupied Syrian Golan ,(ST)-Liberated prisoner, Sidqi al-Maqt, reiterated that the people of the occupied Syrian Golan would stop the Israeli settlement occupation’s plan to erect wind turbines on their agricultural lands, and they would continue to defend their land, whatever the sacrifices are.

Al-Maqt indicated during a phone call with Al-Suriya TV today that the people of the Golan are clinging to every inch of their land and absolutely reject the settlement occupation scheme, which includes the seizure of large areas of their lands, stressing that they will not allow the implementation of this plan.

Al-Maqt stressed that the people of the occupied Golan would adhere to their land and their Syrian Arab identity and continue to defend their land against the Israeli occupation to thwart all its Judaization schemes, especially the settlement turbine scheme, pointing out that the people of the Golan will continue the struggle against the occupation until the liberation of the entire occupied Golan and its return to its homeland, Syria.