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Golan In The Heart

History studies indicated that Al-Hareth bin Gablah al-Ghassani and al-Harith bin Abi Shoumar al-Ghassani ruled the Golan Heights.

In May 636 A.D,  Arab forces met on the Golan Heights' land to achieve decisive victory over the Byzantium's armies at al-Yarmouk  Battle.

Golan flourished after the Islamic conquest which freed the  Arab land of Persians and Romans Empires' control.

There fore, Golan has become the center of Damascus, the capital of the Umayyad Arab state. The strategic importance of the Golan increased being  the cross road to Palestine, Egypt, Morocco and all other countries.

Golan's  history in Islam is part of the history of Damascus.

 After the conquest of Arab Muslims, Al-Sham county  was divided into five regions : Jordan,Palestain, Damascus,Homs and Kansaren. As a matter of fact, this division made the Golan's region as one of Damascus' regions.

Golan's  Arabism and the  knowledge of  Arab-Muslim army in the region were the two main reasons  for the Arab forces' empowerment  to free Arab countries and  to eliminate the Byzantium  forces.

 Arab Muslims after achieving victory marched towards Damascus and the rest of Syrian's regions. 

Golan Heights are rich and full of  fresh water ,pastures  and plains. So this land was the center of the armies and their activities in general, while  al-Jabieh  area was the  major  camp for them in particular.

 In 17Higri, Omar Bin al-Khatab al-Khaliefa al-Rashedi visited al-Jabieh area meeting the Muslims' princes  before going to Jerusalem; to put farmlands in the hands of their beneficiaries.

In 18 Higri, the army moved from its position in the south to the Golan  area because  of plague.


In Umayyad era  a conference had been held to choose  Marwan Bin al- Hakam as Khaliph.

In another important  village  "Asa'ar," - located on the road between Majdal Shams and Masa'da- most of residents were consulting  Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb in many religious cases. 

Famous citadels in the Crusades were  al-Housoun  and al-Soubaibieah. The later one is built in 12th century A.D  by Imad al-Deen Zinki, king of Damascus. These two Citadels have important location being uncovering roads  ' from'  and  'to'  Biet al-Makdes in addition to Feek tower and al-A'al citadel.

Golan was  subject to the invasion of the Crusades between 11 and 12th  century A.D.
Crusaders occupied  Golan on 1118 A.D, for the exception of  al-Housoun citadel near Feek area and al-Soubaieba citadel near Banias area;  which are considered as the immune shield in defending al-Sham till the complete expulsion of  Crusaders  .

 Tiberias was considered at that time as Crusaders' headquarter.

In the 15th century, Golan Heights were exposed to Magholi invasion by Taimourlank.

On June.  5, 1967  Israel occupied the Syrian Golan Heights.



Al-Hima village is considered as one of the most important villages in the occupied Golan.

It is famous for its hot mineral fountains and winter pools. It has a strategic geographic location of being far from four Arab capitals (Damascus, Jerusalem, Amman and Beirut), the same distance 135 kilometers.

The Syrian Hima village is distinguished by magic nature, it is also located on the Yarmouk river which is considered one of the most important rivers in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan with a water level in the river reaches 7,5 cubic meters per second  while in winter season it reaches 100 cubic meters per second.

Al-Hima village is affiliated to Feek area in the south west of Golan at the cross points of Syrian-Jordanian limits.

 Before the Zionist occupation to Golan, its people worked in tourism due to the magic natural scene it has, and due to mineral waters used in swimming and physical therapy.

In addition to working in tourism, they work in agriculture and breeding sheep. The warm weather helps the people there to cultivate and sell agriculture crops as Molokai, Tomatoes, apple and banana, citrus as  Krmentena, grapefruit, lemon and apricot.

There are seven fresh springs for drinking, there is also the famous mill which is visited frequently by the neighboring villages' residents.

In 1967 the population of the village was estimated about 450 inhabitants. The Known families are al-jama't, al-Mahamdeh, al-Barahmeh, al-Besharat and al-Falahat.

 Three-storey hotel, restaurant, dozens of shops and primary school were also found in al-Hima village since 1951.

Al-Hima pools

In 1966, the number of visitors to the three Hima's pools (al-makla,al-Balsam and the second Balsam)  reached about 50 thousand visitors.

Archeological features

Archeological hill is found in the west of the village.

Broken basaltic columns.

Ionic crowns.

The ruins of a Roman theater.

The remains of  St. Sergius'  church. 

In Winter tourist season, a daily railway train trip from Damascus to Daraa, Zezon, Tel Shihab and al-Hima; was scheduled due to al-Hima's important tourist location.


From Cradle To Grave; The Golan's Love

To love the land, to defend it till its liberation from the brutal Israeli occupation is the daily goal for which our sons in Golan live.

It is also a legitimate right of the sons who found themselves instinctively clinging to the land of the Fathers.

The violations committed by the Israeli occupation to quell the doctrine of the clinging to the ground have failed.

The Israeli occupation is unable to uprooted Golan's sons from the ground they belong to, despite all the practices committed by it towards our sons in the Golan. 

Israeli occupier is aware of its terrorist capabilities which own a full record of crime and abuse on the property of others in addition to the violation of human rights. 

Theoretically, The Golan's son in his determination and belief in victory against the brutal Israeli occupier has exposed the alleged false claims that the occupation forces are interested in peace and want to return the occupied Golan to the motherland Syria.

But in practice, the brutal occupier offers nothing except more crimes against our people in the occupied Golan and Palestine. Even today there is no one evidence to prove that the Israeli occupation wants peace.

These Israeli flagrant practices make the sons of the Golan more determined to liberate the usurped land in accordance to the international laws. 

No competitor will compete the Golan's son in loyalty and love to the land (Golan Heights). The deceptive policies of the occupation made him more determined  to liberate the land from occupation because love of land is rooted deep in every Golan's son from the cradle to the grave.

F. al-Taleb

T & E : H.SH

Golan Is Ever Alive In Us

Golan is the greatest  majestic land which defies the harsh  winds represented by the violated aggressions towards our sons in the occupied Heights.

 Winds of steadfastness in the face of all Israeli  aggressions  to reflect  the dignity and  freedom  along all the  period of Israeli  occupation to our heights.

Golan is like a river  where dignity and glory are steming, and freedom is shinning though all heinous  schemes  practiced by Israeli forces  against the usurped Golan.

Loyalty to Golan reflects a sincere love without falsity , love  has been  planted in the heart of every Syrian Arab citizen who has dignity to defend his land and refuse hostile occupation practices.

Warm tenderness  to the Golan Heights , to al-Shiekh Mountain and  to my school,  is nourishing our hearts despite the bitterness  of time being far from our eyes.

Israeli occupation aims to  erase Golan completely  from the memory of the Syrians by annexing it  forcibly and considering it as a legitimate right to justify its aggressions against Golan. This brutal occupation is faced by  abject failure because of steadfastness of our people in the occupied Golan.

Firas al-Taleb

Translation : H.SH

The Occupied Golan Symbol of Steadfastness

Sons, who are living in the occupied Golan, were and are still determined to symbolize their loyalty to the motherland Syria. They are facing Zionist terrorism by steadfastness, despite all Israeli desperate attempts to eliminate the Golan Heights' identity.

An identity reflects the Syrian right by rejecting the Israeli prison's bars, repression and its abuse.

Zionist entity will not be able to impose Israeli identity, our children in the occupied Golan are a symbol of steadfastness, they insist on resisting brutal Israeli aggression despite all the violations against them in the Occupied Golan until achieving the victory that will keep the Golan present in the heart and the mind of every Syrian either inside or outside the homeland.


Firas al-Taleb

Translation: H. SH