Feast is Better by Restoring Golan

Each Syrian house lives the profound tribulations of the Golan Heights supposing that the occupied Golan will return Sooner or later to motherland Syria.

Despite sadness lines drawn on the Syrian faces hoping to see the Syrian Arab flag in  the liberated Golan Heights as it has been hoisted one day  over liberated Quneitra after October Liberation War victories.

Notwithstanding pessimism, optimism by the forthcoming Eid brings with it a remote optimism that freedom is the most precious right.

Harsh years elapsed and the Israeli usurper is still trying to extinguish and deprive our sons in the occupied Golan from their smile.

Our sons  in the occupied Golan from all  various segments were and are still fighting against this brutal aggression which is trying again and again not only to rob the ground but also freedoms. It is also noteworthy the policy of persecution practiced against our sons in the occupied Golan every day.

Albeit all perpetrated practices by the occupying entity in the occupied Golan either by burning, destruction, imprisoning , robbing of freedom and thoughts, the feast is willy-nilly coming and it will be envitable the nicest feast once the beloved occupied Golan will be restored.

 The Israeli occupation that occupies the ground and wages one aggression after another, does not stop its ongoing attempts to repress our sons in the Golan Heights.

The first massacre of Qana, then the second, and July aggression on  on Lebanon 2006 and not to mention the injured Gaza and many massacres perpetrated by the Israeli occupier across history.

Israeli entity's practices are not confined to bombs and ballots but to oblige our sons in the occupied Golan to shed the Syrian identity.

With all these heinous aggressions, our sons  still maintain their steadfastness in the face of the brutal aggression and Eid is coming willy-nilly to celebrate their long-awaited victory.

F. al-Taleb

E & T : H. SH

Masada Village

Masada is a Syrian village of the occupied Golan. To the north and westward there is (Masada lake)  Ram pool.The village stretches over a volcanic land some 970 meters  above  sea level.

In the north area of the town,  houses are situated on a low land. while it has boundary with Abu saeed valley in the east and it is surrounded by forests in the west and north  where the land inclines towards Al- Saar valley in the north .

Masada village which belongs to Quneitra governorate  was a center to other villages before the occupation in 1967. The town provided social services for the inhabitants and  other villages.

The village fell prey in the throes of the aggressive occupation in 1967  and Masada is still one of a few remaining villages under occupation.


Majdal Shamas

Majdal Shams is one of the largest villages in the Golan Heights . The number of its population reaches to more than 9000 inhabitants. It's located on south slopes of (Mount Hermon) Jabal Al-Sheikh, at 1350 meters above sea level. The town is famed for farming apples and cherries.

Majdal Shams is known for its resistance to the Israeli terrorist occupation. It is worthy to mention that it was burned twice during the French occupation era, but the village remained resistant till its people expelled the French occupiers from Syria.

 Many of the people in the village were martyred during their resistance of Israeli occupation. In addition, many of Majdal Shams people  are still in the jails of Israeli occupation.

 The people of Majdal Shams, like other people in the rest of Golan villages, did not surrender to Israeli occupation. They are  still fighting the enemy to liberate Golan and restore it back home.


Golan Women's Heroism

It is obvious that women in the occupied Golan Heights  are  as men  in  defending  their  beloved forefathers  land,  Golan. Women in Golan participate in  heroism  battles alongside their  brothers and husbands who are  resisting  the Israeli  occupation.

The woman in Golan  was martyred , imprisoned and suffered all kinds of torture and oppression, but is  still an example of strength and determination. 

There is no doubt that the Zionist occupier is trying every day to  invent new methods to intimidate the  woman in Golan  seeking to humiliate them, but all these  desperate attempts of the occupation were in vain .

 One of the heroines of the Golan described  what happened  to her when she was summoned  by some of the Israeli  soldiers for  investigation : " I felt alone in the battle of existence when they fettered me and  took me to an interrogation center in Acre and refused to  tell  my brother and my sister, who were with me outside the center. The  investigation was so harsh , they deprived me of sleeping and forced me to stand for hours. But in those moments, I felt I was stronger than  them because I believed in  the issue of my  homeland, Golan Heights. Moreover,  the prisoner represents free people who  have an indomitable will to resist occupation and pledged himself and his soul in defense of freedom."


Therefore  the aggressor, who is an ignoramus of the books of  history , must know  that right is above falsehood and  that the  women in the Golan Heights are  the voice of  right and heroism. She was the mother of heroes who carry on their shoulders a great  honorable task to restore  our beloved  Golan.


E& T: M.Wassouf 

The Blunders Committed

The fears and nightmares are haunting the Israelis politicians' lives when they see the uprising of our people in the Golan Heights as a reality pursuing them wherever they go. Israelis' Leaders and politicians are incapable of facing  the increasing struggle as to get rid  of  occupation.

Hence,  the leaders of the Zionist entity are always living the obsession of anxiety of tomorrow which will be loaded with a lot of unpleasant surprises, due to their great series  of blunders  they committed without any consideration for the future.

One of these blunders is that reckless decision which is taken after the  Israeli's aggression on  the fifth of June 1967 in occupying the Golan, this is followed by the Knesset decision to annex the Golan to Israel in 1981.

But this decision was rejected by the international community which insisted  that Golan Heights is Syrian land whether Israel liked  it or not.

Actually, the steadfast Syrians in the Golan are determined to restore their occupied territories , facing bravely the brutality and  violation practices of the Israeli occupier who put  free Syrians in jails , burned peasants'  lands , besides they destroyed   the  houses on the heads of their owners and prevented  children from going to schools .


But the  revolutionary  Golan is still insisting  to write epics  of victory , and Syrians in the Golan are still determined to symbolize their loyalty to the motherland Syria  of  honor and  dignity.


Firas Taleb

E & T: M.Wassouf