Golan people mark 41st anniversary of October War

OCCUPIED GOLAN, (ST)_People of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan staged Monday a stand marking the 41st anniversary of the October 6 war of liberation and denounced the twin terrorist blasts that targeted a school complex in Ekrema quarter in Homs city.

The participants set off from Sultan Basha al-Atrash square in the heart of occupied city of Majdal Shams towards martyrs' monument in the city where they laid wreaths on the monument.

Golan will remain Syrian Arab territory

The Zionist entity is still attempting to obliterate and suppress the reality and deceiving the world that the issue of Golan is terminated after annexing it to the state of Israel, which will stay an oppressive occupation and entity based on the occupation of others’ lands.

 The world is asking the Zionist entity to commit to the international legitimacy resolutions related to the Arab-Israeli issue.

Syrians living under occupation resist civil service recruitment drive

Israel occupied the Syrian Golan Heights in its war of aggression against Syria in 1967 and expelled  the Golan  Heights inhabitants. Thousands of the Syrians refused to leave their houses and remained there a thorn in the throat of occupation.

Among the occupation illegal practices Israeli occupation authorities have been trying to impose its IDs and to recruit the Syrians into its civil services for the occupation. According to journalist Patrick O. Strickland in an article published by the Electronic Intifada on August 11, 2014 , Tamara Halabi has spent her whole life living under Israeli rule in her hometown of Masade, one of the six Syrian villages still standing in the occupied Golan Heights.

Occupation violation of international law

Since Israel began its occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights in 1967, it has carried out numerous actions in violation of international law. The actions have negatively impacted on the Syrian population and history.

Following Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights, the Israeli military began a massive campaign of destruction. Recently Israeli forces and settlers have been working on destroying Muslim cemeteries and monuments in order to change the face of the area. Observers say, Israel is pressing ahead with its policy to change the history of the region by destroying ancient sites. This area used to be a Syrian cemetery but now there is no sign of a cemetery.


M. Wassouf

The Golan will return sooner or later

Throughout the ages, the Zionists remained thinking that they have the right to control the whole world because the Jews, as the Zionists alleged, didn’t leave any spot of land without having a foothold.

The Zionists want the world to believe in this fabrication; they alleged that they have right in Palestine which they call the homeland and they intend to construct the Temple Mount on the wreck of the blessed al-Aqsa mosque. Now, the blatant and flagrant Israeli diggings try to reach the basis of the mosque to remove it from its roots. However the Zionists’ deception will lead to catastrophe because the Arabs and the Muslims won't stand arms crossed in front of the flagrant Israeli aggression on al-Aqsa mosque.