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The Golan National Document

The Syrians in the occupied Golan Heights issued on December19,1981, their National Document in rejection of the Israeli illegal, and void decision to annex Golan.

 Our people in the occupied Golan Heights had issued a  document stressing  their strong adherence  to their  Syrian identity. This document was  addressed to the United Nations and its institutions , the world public opinion and to  all the official and popular  establishments all over  the world.

 Undoubtedly, this document  expresses  the  real  stance of the Syrians in the occupied Golan and their rejection of  the Israeli occupation.  The Syrians in the occupied Golan have a  responsibility towards  the future generations and they are determined to resist the occupation till realizing liberation. The  document contains the following:

1– The occupied Golan Heights is an integral part of  the Syrian  Arab Republic .

2 – The Syrian Arab nationality  is  a real  and lasting characteristic which is  inherited to  us from  our parents. It is our responsibility  to give this inheritance  to our children .

 3 - Our territories  are  a sacred ownership to all our sons  of the  Syrian society. And every  Syrian citizen  tries to sell or give  up any inch of  our lands to the Israeli  occupier, is treated as  committing  a great crime and unforgivable national treason  against our society,.

4 – We do  not recognize  any decision issued  by  the Israeli occupier  to annex us to  the Zionist entity. Besides we  completely reject the Israeli government's decisions aiming at stealing   our Syrian Arab identity .

5 - We do not recognize  the legitimacy of the local  and sectarian  councils. For these  councils are appointed by the Israeli military government and they receive their  instructions from it.  And the members of these councils do not in any way  represent us.

6 – No one deserves to express Syrians' ambitions  except  those people  from all our social sectors , who reject the occupation through their  true national stances .

7 - Every citizen in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights who accepts  to replace his Syrian nationality with the  Israeli  one is considered a traitor.

8 - we decided an irreversible decision which  is :  we will dismiss all people who accept to be an Israeli citizen. And  every one  violating  the content of this document will be expelled from our religion and Syrian society . Besides, he will be deprived  of  dealing with the other people, and no one would  share him  his  joys and  sadness until he  confesses his guilt. Then he must ask  permission from the society , so as to restore his real nationality .

9 - We have adopted this document depending on our authentic  spiritual,  national and humanitarian  heritage which  encourages us to offer our  deep sincerity  to  our homeland, Syria.



Their Rage, an albatross around their neck

As time passes Zionists claims that they have the right to control the whole world- increases.  They proclaim that Jews has not leave one inch of the earth, where they did not have a foothold, which sails under false colors. This slander is enclosed by insincerity from source to mouth.

Zionists ask the world to believe that they have a right in Palestine, which they call the Promised Land, and intend to establish Solomon Temple above  Al-Aqsa Mosque ruins.  Here are the deceitful malicious Israeli excavations, trying to access the mosque foundations to uproot. But their wrath they will get it back in the neck, because Arabs and Muslims will not stand idly, hand tied in front of the blatant Israeli aggression on the first Kiblah, Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In 1967,  when the Zionist aggression occupied Syrian Golan, and desecrated its decent homes. Zionists quickly claimed that they have an alleged right in this pure spot of Syria. Three days had barely passed on the Golan occupation, when the Zionist tyrant began an illegal excavation campaign in the Golan territory.  Above and beyond, its media vaunted announcing the launch of unveiling what they called “archaeological treasures” in Banias, Al-Hemma,  Feek, Rojam Feek, Al-Al, Khosvin, and other archaeological sites. Nonetheless, excavation process did not raise to Zionists expectancies and the world discovered the delusiveness and invalidity of Israeli claims.

In a manifestation of great hatred, Zionists chests were seething with rage after their miserable failure in getting a minimal trace to prove their false claims; so they destroyed scores of archaeological sites just to appease their boiling fury.  The devastated ruins in both Pedros and  Deyr Al-raheb villages, are living proof of Zionists demolishing actions.

But the Zionists did not recognize defeat, starting off once again an aberrant course of searching and digging. They found their craving plea in some architectural discoveries with a rectangular shapes, believing that they will succor them to provide proof, but they were once more disappointed.  Since historical scientific facts were waiting in the wings to reveal the falsehood of their claims and lies,  they entered into a vicious circle.

Their excavations in Khirbet Dalia and Dawara, and  Deir Al-Azizat sites,  were but a slap in the face. Golan is part of the Arab Middle East, having been the civilizations cradle throughout history,  since on its land was founded cities and civilizations fused in history vessel like Arameans and Canaanites, as well as many Kingdoms like Jeicor and Damascus.  Studies and archaeological excavations results have shown that Zionism did not have a physical presence in the Syrian Arab Golan; neither at the Genesis, nor at Exodus or King David epoch. Moreover, our dear Golan will return to the motherland Syria, no matter how long or short .


Firas Taleb

Translated & Edited by: Lama Al-Hassanieh

Daboura, The Oak Village

Daboura village is situated in the occupied Golan Heights and it is affiliated to al-Quneitra governorate . It is known as the oak village because it is located in the forest which is bountiful with many kinds of trees especially the oak trees.

 Daboura is a copious valley stretching  from about  40 kilometers to the south-west of the city of al-Quneitra and on the west of the village. Besides, the village has many seasonal valleys , and it is famous for its waterfalls which are more than 12 meters high.

Perior to the Israeli occupation, the inhabitants in Daboura village were dependent in their livelihood on breeding livestock and clothes weaving.

The village was built before 250-300 years, and its population was about 550 people. It was inhabited by the tribes of nomads and shepherds. The ruins and old buildings, which were discovered in Daboura, indicate its ancient history. Its civilization dates back to pre- history, and the west side of the village embraces an old mausoleum and columns dating back to the Byzantine period.

The Israeli occupation expelled the villagers from their houses, later the village was invaded by a number of Israeli archaeologists claiming that they were looking for the treasures in the village that date back to the Zionist Talmud era.

Israel has alleged that Daboura village was built on the ruins of a Jewish human center which included a synagogue and a religious school.

In the early 1969 , the Israeli bulldozers destroyed most buildings in the village including the mosque and the school. A large number of the village's ruins are exhibited today in the Department of Ruins at the Museum of Jewish settlement (Katzrin), the main Israeli settlement in the occupied Golan .



Jubata Al-Zait

Jubata Al-Zait is located to the north of the occupied Golan, on the eastern side of Jabal AlSheikh (   Mountain), which  is 1531 meter hi,21 kilometers from Qunaitra city , to the western north to Masaada village.

An old town,  houses  built  of lime stones and   mud and the roofs  made of wood , clay , backed brick but some were built of cement.

 Jubata Alzait is well-known  for  fruits and vegetables including : olives, figs, grapes, apple and tobacco. It is also known for  producing olive-oil and treacle beside  goats  and cows.

In the forties of the last century,  an elementary school was constructed in the  town  and students from neighboring villages studied there such as Majdal Shams, Zaura, Ein Qenia.  After the 1967 war,  the town was destroyed and people were displaced.

Jubata Al- Zait is well-acclaimed for its beautiful  scenery and charming nature.  It is rich with fountains , valleys,  and pastures,  but  the  Israeli occupation ruined the village  and distorted its features which used to be a touristic town in the past.


Golan Generosity Imageries

When mentioning the Syrian Golan, the adjective occupied  comes first to mind to describe the status quo of this precious part of our beloved country. Yet, this description is linguistically, historically, psychologically temporary. Since Golan is a Syrian free land since dawn of history, and will be restored free Syrian land in spite of Zionist aggressor usurpation.

It is the Syrian Golan, the prince who captured the hearts with its scenic charm, a beauty opening up chests and catching eyes; flowing as an euphonic chant well harmonizing between smooth valleys, majestic mounts, and hills napping on gentleness arms.

That splendor which has well known  how to lure the tome of magic to acquire attraction and sweetness. A magnificence that fascinates minds, captivates hearts, and catches eyes. That description of Golan beauty is an accurate account embodied in the most beautiful image.

What can the eye describe of Golan’s charms appealing strongly to the senses? What can the heart tell about its Golan eternal passion?  First, that sparkle taking over all hearts by residing inside without asking for allowance; as air enter lungs and dwell in without permission to become life secret and the very essence existence.

Golan complexion has penciled its warm color from olive skinned land rooted to Arabism. It is a velvet satiny peel for her devotees, but convulse to a hurricane of anger on the profane occupier. A skin that has committed itself to remain Intifada until he left out the land which he has tainted; and shall restore her clarity and purity after his departure.

Bloodshot Golan apples are attributed to her martyr sons courage. By means of their deep faith in their land that will return free and virtuous to jump into its caring mother Syria lap.

Golan grapes bunches are welcoming phrases to newcomers. Since Golanis have inherited generosity with their breastfeeding, suckled with pure spring water. Moreover, Golan guesthouse is still today, a symbol of hospitality and Arabian genuine merits.

All Golan visitors who just rest their eyes on its hills, valleys, and prairies; will find themselves surrounded by an exceptional splendor and solemnity, floating on fancy wings to apples orchards blooming bud fragrance where petals swayed and dance between branches. There they will find their selves nearby cherry groves with ruby red, transparent yellow and multicolor berries. Where thousands of those delicious cherries are welding with their seedbeds branches, bowing as if they were Golanis arms welcoming all newcomers. For those who enter houses from their front doors, we carry warm bright lamps; but  we will make those fairy lights fire if they broke visiting traditions by trying to sneak like thieves.

These were some bright images of Golan generosity, restored by the Syrian memory not because of oblivion but to express solicitude. We have been long waiting for our beloved Golan to homecoming, hoping its return with the coming freedom dawn.

Firas Taleb

Translated & edited by: Lama Al-Hassanieh