The Golan Epic

Earth wrote a poem of wrath in Golan, a tirade encompassing all Golanians, devoid of exception, to be an epic of all ages. A flowery sonnet resolute to blossom, receiving Israeli treacherous shells with bare bosom. 

Each passing day  contemplates every single verse of that poem,  envisaging those tough fingers that have written it. Those hands that have  gained strength and courage, vigor and glory from, that pure soil of Golan.

Children sitting on their school desk, believe that Golan soil speaks only Arabic, language of past , present and future. He took out of his bag his angry pens, and take part in the lettering of that poem.

Farmers telling the sun when to wake up, inviting it to  his field from early dawn to show how land attachment is to be; had also inscribed this magnificent saga in his land.

Mothers teaching their youngsters  lessons of land grasp and constant readiness to offer every dear and precious for safeguarding that homeland; had the honor of weaving this poem pullover.

History was on a date with that epical saga, underlined by the sons of the occupied Golan on the 14th  of February 1982, remaining until today a lighthouse glowing the way for those who are determined to regain the beloved Golan.

History will record that day, when folks of all Golan villages stood  as one man refusing the decision to impose Israeli law on them; adhering to their land and Syrian Arab identity, emphasizing their earnest homeland attachment, not loosening their hearts before occupation policy, that could not force them to leave their land or conform to its laws and orders.

As for our kinfolk brave heroes, they have faced barbaric Israel, remained tightly united with their homeland, defying fear, detention , and torture. They had fought honorably, when occupying forces attempted to prevent them from sharing their compatriots the celebrations commemorating  the Syrian flag raise in

al-Quneitra, by President Hafez Al-Assad in 1974. The more pressure the enemy exercise, the more they adhere to land and identity. 

In 1981,  the Liberal advocates  in occupied Golan villages, responded to Israeli occupation attempts  of imposing  its laws on the Golan citizens. They issued the  National Testament document, written by the occupied Golan men’s blood, which became the struggle Constitution culminating in the Intifada of the 14th of February 1982, in which our kinfolks have engraved the finest sagas and the most imperative tournaments , refusing the Israeli laws enforcement on the occupied Golan and the Israeli identity imposition by force on Golan People .

This Golan anger epic will continue, till  this beloved part comes back to its caring mother bosom Syria, land of dignity and pride.


Firas Taleb

Translated & Edited by: Lama Al-Hassanieh