Salute to the Brave Prisoners

After one year of captivity and unjust detention in the Israeli's prisons, the Syrian prisoner Imad Sami Al-Merei had finally regained his freedom. The Israeli occupation arrested him about eleven months ago from his birthplace in Golan Heights.

"The prison would  increase our adherence for our homeland, we confirm our attachment to the Syrian identity and the preserving of our land 's dear soil ." The prisoner Al-Merei said.

"Arresting of my comrades and I is part of the history of the occupied Golan, we are the sons of this community who offered precious sacrifices through the years of occupation to prove its permanent affiliation to motherland Syria. We were not the first nor the last of those prisoners who resisted the Israeli occupation as long as it was trespassing on our beloved land."Al-Merei added.

Our message to the Israeli occupation is that the Golan Heights will remain Syrian , no matter how long or short time will be .

Indeed, my last message to the Syrian Arab people is that we have to pay heavy prices for our choices in resisting the occupation to restore the Arab rights, on top of which is  the Palestinian cause.

Syria had paid heavy prices because of its permanent support  to the Arab resistance  especially the Lebanese one. And here we must remember what Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said after the liberation of Southern Lebanon : "I dedicate this victory to Syria .. Syria Al- Assad .. Beirut was destroyed by Sharon but it was protected by Hafez al-Assad."

Syria had also paid hefty prices because the Syrians took to the streets to topple  the conspiracy of the new Middle East under the pretext of the so-called the Arab Spring.

But Syria will remain strong in spite of all the world 's conspiracies, because it is the bastion of steadfastness under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad. The leader who made  Syria a strong country boasting respectable and honorable future.
That is why we say that our choices as Arab Syrians are linked to our position and our role which  is considered the main aspiration of all those honorable Arabs , especially our people in Palestine.

Finally, I salute all those who supported me and stood by me especially my family and my faithful friends .
Salute to my homeland, Syria, its people , army and the wise  leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

Salute to the brave prisoners especially those of Golan Heights : Abu Fida, Majid A-Shae'r, Sham Shams and Iyad Al-Jawhari.