Feast is Better by Restoring Golan

Each Syrian house lives the profound tribulations of the Golan Heights supposing that the occupied Golan will return Sooner or later to motherland Syria.

Despite sadness lines drawn on the Syrian faces hoping to see the Syrian Arab flag in  the liberated Golan Heights as it has been hoisted one day  over liberated Quneitra after October Liberation War victories.

Notwithstanding pessimism, optimism by the forthcoming Eid brings with it a remote optimism that freedom is the most precious right.

Harsh years elapsed and the Israeli usurper is still trying to extinguish and deprive our sons in the occupied Golan from their smile.

Our sons  in the occupied Golan from all  various segments were and are still fighting against this brutal aggression which is trying again and again not only to rob the ground but also freedoms. It is also noteworthy the policy of persecution practiced against our sons in the occupied Golan every day.

Albeit all perpetrated practices by the occupying entity in the occupied Golan either by burning, destruction, imprisoning , robbing of freedom and thoughts, the feast is willy-nilly coming and it will be envitable the nicest feast once the beloved occupied Golan will be restored.

 The Israeli occupation that occupies the ground and wages one aggression after another, does not stop its ongoing attempts to repress our sons in the Golan Heights.

The first massacre of Qana, then the second, and July aggression on  on Lebanon 2006 and not to mention the injured Gaza and many massacres perpetrated by the Israeli occupier across history.

Israeli entity's practices are not confined to bombs and ballots but to oblige our sons in the occupied Golan to shed the Syrian identity.

With all these heinous aggressions, our sons  still maintain their steadfastness in the face of the brutal aggression and Eid is coming willy-nilly to celebrate their long-awaited victory.

F. al-Taleb

E & T : H. SH