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Majdal Shamas

Majdal Shams is one of the largest villages in the Golan Heights . The number of its population reaches to more than 9000 inhabitants. It's located on south slopes of (Mount Hermon) Jabal Al-Sheikh, at 1350 meters above sea level. The town is famed for farming apples and cherries.

Majdal Shams is known for its resistance to the Israeli terrorist occupation. It is worthy to mention that it was burned twice during the French occupation era, but the village remained resistant till its people expelled the French occupiers from Syria.

 Many of the people in the village were martyred during their resistance of Israeli occupation. In addition, many of Majdal Shams people  are still in the jails of Israeli occupation.

 The people of Majdal Shams, like other people in the rest of Golan villages, did not surrender to Israeli occupation. They are  still fighting the enemy to liberate Golan and restore it back home.