Golan Women's Heroism

It is obvious that women in the occupied Golan Heights  are  as men  in  defending  their  beloved forefathers  land,  Golan. Women in Golan participate in  heroism  battles alongside their  brothers and husbands who are  resisting  the Israeli  occupation.

The woman in Golan  was martyred , imprisoned and suffered all kinds of torture and oppression, but is  still an example of strength and determination. 

There is no doubt that the Zionist occupier is trying every day to  invent new methods to intimidate the  woman in Golan  seeking to humiliate them, but all these  desperate attempts of the occupation were in vain .

 One of the heroines of the Golan described  what happened  to her when she was summoned  by some of the Israeli  soldiers for  investigation : " I felt alone in the battle of existence when they fettered me and  took me to an interrogation center in Acre and refused to  tell  my brother and my sister, who were with me outside the center. The  investigation was so harsh , they deprived me of sleeping and forced me to stand for hours. But in those moments, I felt I was stronger than  them because I believed in  the issue of my  homeland, Golan Heights. Moreover,  the prisoner represents free people who  have an indomitable will to resist occupation and pledged himself and his soul in defense of freedom."


Therefore  the aggressor, who is an ignoramus of the books of  history , must know  that right is above falsehood and  that the  women in the Golan Heights are  the voice of  right and heroism. She was the mother of heroes who carry on their shoulders a great  honorable task to restore  our beloved  Golan.


E& T: M.Wassouf