The Blunders Committed

The fears and nightmares are haunting the Israelis politicians' lives when they see the uprising of our people in the Golan Heights as a reality pursuing them wherever they go. Israelis' Leaders and politicians are incapable of facing  the increasing struggle as to get rid  of  occupation.

Hence,  the leaders of the Zionist entity are always living the obsession of anxiety of tomorrow which will be loaded with a lot of unpleasant surprises, due to their great series  of blunders  they committed without any consideration for the future.

One of these blunders is that reckless decision which is taken after the  Israeli's aggression on  the fifth of June 1967 in occupying the Golan, this is followed by the Knesset decision to annex the Golan to Israel in 1981.

But this decision was rejected by the international community which insisted  that Golan Heights is Syrian land whether Israel liked  it or not.

Actually, the steadfast Syrians in the Golan are determined to restore their occupied territories , facing bravely the brutality and  violation practices of the Israeli occupier who put  free Syrians in jails , burned peasants'  lands , besides they destroyed   the  houses on the heads of their owners and prevented  children from going to schools .


But the  revolutionary  Golan is still insisting  to write epics  of victory , and Syrians in the Golan are still determined to symbolize their loyalty to the motherland Syria  of  honor and  dignity.


Firas Taleb

E & T: M.Wassouf