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Golan People are True Manhood

The whole world has witnessed that the well-established people of Golan are very much attached to their land in Syria.

Syria is the alphabet  land in history where man has started his journey of  knowledge. It is the land of civilization that taught its sons how to resist and confront invaders.

The people in Golan never get relentless in fighting their enemies and they would not allow others to help them to write down  the epic of history, they are fluent in writing and reading the alphabet.

Today, the Syrians are defending their  pride and dignity on their land. They are gaining the epics of yesterday, which could be away but closely connected to their memory.

The brave men in Golan would not retreat  from pursuing their decision to plant trees.The decisions taken by Syrians to stand with the sons of Golan in order to   furnish them with all resistance means.

The Syrian people will not retreat from their target to regain the Golan,  because writing an epic is their utmost target in history.

Syrian Golan people  decision is to work in all possible means to  restore this precious part of Syria and free as it was.  The people of Syria  are the truly qualified to create the coming victory and prepare for the beauty of home. We are sure  that our right will be shortly achieved.

Firas Taleb

 Translate by N.H.Khider