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Golan people affirm that they will continue to confront the occupation Judaization projects

The occupied Syrian Golan (ST): The national figures in the occupied Syrian Golan renewed the people of the Golan's adherence to their homeland Syria and their Syrian Arab identity, and their continued resistance to the projects of the Israeli occupation, especially the project of wind turbines, which the occupation plans to establish on the agricultural lands owned by the people of the Golan.

In this context, the national figures discussed during their meeting in the Abu Dhar Al-Ghafari complex near the villages of Masada and Majdal Shams  ways to confront this occupation scheme.The Golan people stressed that they will not relinquish an inch of their soil.


The Dean of the liberated Syrian prisoners, Sidqi Al-Maqt, said: We have reached the hour of truth and we must prepare for the confrontation that the occupier wants, because our battle today is difficult and long, and we have no choice but to win it.

The released prisoner Fouad Al-Shaer confirmed that the people of the Golan are struggling against the Israeli occupier in both the legal and the battlefield tracks to thwart its settlement plans, wind turbines on the agricultural lands of the people of Golan and the confiscation of their property by force.