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Israeli settlement expansion scheme in occupied Syrian Golan escalates tension in the region: Grospic

The Golan is an integral part of Syria and its occupation by Israel as well as the newly announced Israeli plan to build more settlements in this area are a  blatant violation of the international law and a clear example of the imperialist policy towards the Syrian people, Stanislav Grospic, Head of  the Czech-Moravian Trade Union Confederation, has stressed.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Prague, Grospic condemned the Israeli occupation's new scheme of settlement expansion in the occupied Syrian Golan.

"Israel has occupied the Golan and issued the ill-famed annexation decision in a flagrant violation of the international law although this area is a Syrian land. Thus, the United Nations and most countries of the world consider this decision as null and void and as illegal," Grospic said.

 He added that the Israeli prime minister's recent announcement about settlement expansion in the Syrian Golan in addition to the Israeli repeated attacks on Syrian territories show the Israeli insistence on disregarding the international law and escalating tension in the region.

He stressed that lasting peace cannot be achieved unless the occupied Golan returns to Syria.

Hamda Mustafa