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Palestinian delegation in occupied Syrian Golan in a solidarity visit

A high ranking Palestinian delegation on Saturday visited the occupied Syrian Golan within the framework of the Syrian-Palestinian solidarity in the face of the Israeli occupation.

Members of the delegation, which was led by Secretary of Central Committee of Fatah Movement Jibril Al-Rajjoub, met with a number of national figures in the occupied Syrian village of Baq'ata. They affirmed the Palestinian people's rejection of the conspiracy hatched against Syria because of its strong support for the Palestinian cause, reiterating the solidarity of the Palestinian people with their Syrian brothers in the face of terrorism and division schemes.

The guest delegation comprised the Palestinian Information Minister Ahmad Assaf, Minister of Sport Issam Qaddoumi, the Palestinian Ambassador in Damascus Sameer Al-Rifa'I and a number of Palestinian leading figures.

The Palestinian Information Minister Ahmad Assaf said "when I visit the Golan, I realize how patriotic the people in this region are. Their national belongingness and strong adherence to their land is confirmed day after day."

 "What brings us together is the suffering of our people from the occupation, which has been trying to obliterate our identity, and the steadfastness in the face of this occupation," Assaf added.     

On their part, the national figures from Golan stressed the supportive stance  of the people in Golan and entire Syria towards the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people's legitimate rights.

In the same context, the Palestinian delegation visited the house of martyr Midhat Al-Saleh, who was assassinated last month by Isarel, to offer condolences to his family.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Prisoners Ziad Al-Wawi hailed the values and the resistance stances of martyr Midhat Al-Saleh, stressing the need to support the Syrian prisoners in the Israeli jails and the Syrians' steadfastness in the face of the Israeli occupation.

The delegation also visited the house of the liberated Syrian prisoner and freedom fighter Siqi Al-Maqt who stressed that Syria will continue to be the Mecca of all freedom-loving people and the staunch defender of the Palestinian cause.

Hamda Mustafa