Watan (Homeland) Document Foundation: The martyr Medhat Al-Saleh died in body but remained in spirit and thought

On October 17th, Watan ( Homeland) Document Foundation confirmed that the liberated prisoner Medhat Al-Saleh, who was martyred yesterday as a result of being targeted by the Israeli enemy, left in body but remained in spirit and thought, and his spirit will remain greater than all the tools of the occupation and its criminality.



The Foundation indicated on its website that the martyr Al-Saleh has always been keen to express his love for the Golan, as he repeatedly spoke during oral documentation sessions about his love for the Golan

According to the Foundation, the resisting martyr recorded  more than 18 hours over seven sessions, during which he talked about his life, his childhood, the work of the resistance in his youth, his family, his liberation, and his struggle for the liberation of the Golan and the resistance of the Zionist enemy after he lived in Syria.

The Foundation cited some of what the martyr said during the recordings, including his saying: “The steadfastness of the prisoners in Israeli prisons was a real battle with the enemy and a battle to break the will of the prisoners.They were saying they turned our prisons into universities for terrorists! (They describe the prisoners as terrorists) and they confiscated books, notebooks and pens, but they could not confiscate the mind.”

Al-Saleh added: “When we were on strike, they would come in and confiscate everything they found, so we hid messages and important things in places that did not appear...Each room was inventing a way to hide things... We were in room 27 and the building is an old building that had concrete shelves and a curtain on it, so I discovered there is a cavity behind the curtain at a high altitude, so I hid the messages there after wrapping them well... Then we put a piece of cardboard after painting it white and glued it to the place of the cavity, so it no longer appears.”

He also said: “The strike is the best way for the prisoner to extract his rights from the Israeli occupier. The occupier is trying to strip everything from the necessities of life inside the prison in different ways. Those who did not review the history of prisoners in Israeli prisons do not know the extent of the horrific methods practiced on them.. We used to demand in these strikes that we meet the patients’ needs in terms of medicines or go to hospitals and so on, reduce the number of large prisoners in the room and increase food in quantity and quality. They brought us three Olives per person, a tomato, we divide it into four, and one tablespoon of jam, etc.”

The Foundation indicated that the documentary dialogues that it conducted with the good martyr will remain for history the word of truth in the face of every usurper occupier.

The Foundation concluded with mercy on the righteous martyr who resisted in the prisons of the occupation and resisted in the occupied Syrian Golan.