The people of the Golan describe Israeli occupation’s assassination of Al-Saleh as “ heinous crime”

OCCUPIED SYRIAN GOLAN, (ST)_The Syrian people in the occupied Golan condemned on Sunday the Israeli occupation’s assassination of the liberated prisoner Medhat Al-Saleh , asserting that they will continue on their path of  resistance until the liberation of the Golan. 
They described the assassination of Al-Saleh as a heinous and cowardly crime, saying that they were shocked when they read the piece of news about his martyrdom. 
Speaking to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the dean of the Syrian prisoners Sedqi Al-Maqt said that the assassination of Al-Saleh is a new crime in the record of the Israeli enemy, who target the symbols of resistance and struggle. 
“The 11 bullets that entered the body of Medhat Al-Saleh are 11 medals. He was a hero in resisting the occupation,” Al-Maqt added. 
For his part, the liberated prisoner Fares Al-Shaer said that Al-Saleh had selected to have a house in Ein Al-Teneh site to be near his hometown, the occupied “Majdal Shams” town. 
Sheikh Jad Al-Kareem Naser said that the assassination of Al-Saleh is a blatant attack on the people of the Golan and reflects the state of horror inside the Israeli entity. He asserted that the occupied Golan is a Syrian territory and it will be liberatedby the Syrian army.
Yesterday, the Israeli enemy targeted the liberated prisoner Medhat Al-Saleh when he was returning to his house in Ein Al-Teneh area in Quneitra countryside.
The martyr Medhat Al-Saleh was born in 1967 in Majdal Shams town in the occupied Syrian Golan. He was arrested for the first time by the Israeli occupation in 1983 and then he was released. 
In 1985, he was re-arrested and spent 12 years in the Israeli jails. He founded committee for supporting prisoners after he was released in 1997. 
In 1998, he was elected as a member of parliament. He occupied the position of the director of Golan Office in the cabinet.
The Israeli occupation tried to assassinate him in 2011. 
He was married and had a  son. The name of his son is Golan.
Basma Qaddour