A protest stand in occupied Syrian Golan in rejection of the occupation’s settlement plans

Occupied Syrian Golan, (ST) – The people in the occupied Syrian Golan organized a protest sit-in in the village of Masada on Tuesday, in rejection of the Israeli occupation’s settlement plans on their land. They stressed their adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and their insistence on confronting and resisting the Israeli occupation’s settlement expansion which aims at displacing the Syrians from this area.  

 The stand comes in protest of the occupation government holding a provocative meeting today on the land of the occupied Syrian Golan to expand settlement operations and to announce a plan to establish seven thousand new units with the aim of increasing the number of settlers from 40 to 100 thousand. This measure of the Israeli occupation authorities comes within the framework of the occupation’s plans to change the demographic and geographical character in the Golan. The stand is also in rejection of its plan to establish 46 turbines on an area of approximately six thousand dunums of the lands of the villages of Majdal Shams, Ain Qinya, Beqatha and Masada, in flagrant violation of the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Charter of the United Nations.

Syria continuously stresses that the occupied Golan is an integral part of its territory and it is working to liberate it by all available means. Syria also affirms its support for the resistance of the people in Golan against the occupation’s policy of stealing their lands and properties and of building settlements with the aim of changing the Golan’s demographic, geographic and legal status.

Raghda Sawas