People in the occupied Syrian Golan reject the Israeli occupation’s plan to build settlements on their lands

People in the occupied Syrian Golan have reaffirmed their rejection of the Israeli occupation plans to build more settlements on their lands.

They reiterated their strong rejection of the Israeli government’s decision to hold a provocative meeting on the land of the occupied Syrian Golan on Monday to discuss settlement expansion, stressing that this meeting is void in form and content just like the rest of the occupation’s arbitrary measures imposed on the people in Golan.

They stressed their adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and their insistence on confronting and resisting the Israeli occupation’s settlement expansion which aims at displacing the Syrians from this area.   

 Hayel Masoud, a local from occupied Golan, told SANA that “the occupation’s oppressive and aggressive practices aim at displacing us from our land, of which we will not concede an inch and we will not allow the Israeli occupation to approach it.”

On his part, Marzouk Sha’lan, another local, said that the occupation has been trying over decades to expand settlement in Golan, but the people’s steadfastness has foiled these attempts, pointing out that “the occupation has recently announced a plan to build more settlement units with the aim of uprooting us from our land, which is a matter that we will never accept.”

Syria continuously stresses that the occupied Golan is an integral part of its territory and it is working to liberate it by all available means. Syria also affirms its support for the resistance of the people in Golan against the occupation’s policy of stealing the lands and properties and of building settlements with the aim of changing Golan’s demographic, geographic and legal status.

Hamda Mustafa