Arnous meets a delegation from the occupied Syrian Golan

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minister Hussein Arnous on Monday received a delegation representing the people in the occupied Syrian Golan. 

The delegation handed the prime minister the national document of the Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan that affirms their continuous resistance and struggle against the aggressive plans of the Zionist occupation until Golan is liberated and that emphasizes their adherence to the national principles and the Syrian Arab identity. 

Arnous said that the Syrian people are proud of the sacrifices of the people in the occupied Golan and their adherence to their national identity and land, pointing out that “our people in the occupied Golan insists on not ceding an inch of their sacred soil and on resisting the Zionist occupation’s schemes against them, most recent of which was the occupation’s plan to set up wind turbines on their farmlands.”

 “The steadfastness of our people in the Golan has contributed to foiling the terrorist war waged on Syria with the aim of forcing it to abandon resistance, in which Syria is an important pillar,” said Arnous, stressing that the restoration of the occupied lands will soon be attained because Syria, as a leadership, army and people, is determined to resist the occupation in all its forms and not to concede its sovereignty, its independent decision and its continuous support for resistance and for peoples' right to self-determination.

The Prime Minister affirmed the Syrian State’s keenness on returning the Syrians who were displaced from Golan by the Israeli occupation to their cities and villages after securing basic services in these areas. He clarified that work is underway to establish housing complexes for more than a hundred thousand Syrian citizens in the liberated city of Quneitra, after the organizational chart of the city has been approved. 

Roads will be set up and basic services and facilities will be provided to help the people, who were displaced by occupation from the Golan, return and live on the land of Quneitra province, Arnous made it clear.

On their part, members of the delegation reaffirmed the steadfastness of the people in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan in the face of the occupation and their adherence to their land and their Syrian Arab identity. The delegation also stressed the Golan citizens’ determination to support the homeland in the confrontation of terrorism.

Hamda Mustafa