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Syria renews call for enforcing the implementation of the Resolution No. 497 on occupied Syrian Golan

Syria has renewed its call on the Security Council to act immediately as to enforce the implementation of the Resolution No. 497 of 1981 and force the Israeli occupation entity to stop its illegal settlement activities and repressive procedures against the people in the occupied Syrian Golan and to withdraw from the entire Golan to the June 4th 1967 line.

Resolution 497 (1981) reaffirms that the acquisition of territory by force is inadmissible in accordance with the United Nations Charter, the principles of international law, and relevant Security Council resolutions.

 “The Golan is an integral part of  Syrian territory and Syria will spare no effort to restore every inch of its soil by all available means, and that is an eternal right that  will never be forgotten,” Syria’s Permanent Delegation to the United Nations said in a letter addressing the UN Chief and President of the Security Council. The letter also addressed  the issue of the  Israeli occupation authorities’ procedure of setting up new facilities in the settlement called "Trump", which was built on the land of Al-Qan’abeh village in the occupied Golan. 

 The letter indicated that after the establishment of the “Trump settlement”, the Israeli occupation authorities began preparations for transferring 20 settler families during December 2020 and January 2021 to this settlement, pointing out that this measure comes within the framework of the occupation’s settlement expansion in an attempt to obliterate the identity of the Syrian Arab Golan.

The letter reiterated the steadfastness of the people in the Syrian Golan in the face of the Israeli occupation’s aggressive policies.

 The letter recalled the Israeli occupation authorities’ scheme to set up huge wind turbines in the occupied Syrian Golan, a plan that would displace the citizens and confiscate their lands, noting the locals’ resistance against this dangerous scheme.

Hamda Mustafa