Citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan: Golan will ever remain Syrian

Damascus, (ST) -  The Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan affirmed that the occupied Golan is part and parcel of the Syrian Arab Republic, stressing that this right is eternal.

In a statement on the anniversary of the ill-famed decision to annex Golan, our citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan stressed that the invalid annexation decision issued by the Israeli occupation entity on December 14, 1981, and the recognition of the outgoing US President Donald Trump of it will not change anything of the facts of history, geography, and national belonging of the occupied Syrian Golan.

On February, 14th 1982, Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan announced 6-month national strike as they held massive demonstrations at the Golan’s village to express their categorical rejection of that ominous decision which was issued by the occupation authorities on December 14th 1981.

Citizens in Golan affirmed in their statement their absolute rejection of all annexation and land confiscation plans, on top of which is setting up wind turbines on their lands.

They pledged to continue confronting these plans, reiterating their readiness to sacrifice their lives and blood in defense of the Syrian land and identity, and belonging to the motherland, Syria.

Last Tuesday, Citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan carried out a general and comprehensive strike for all life facilities, and education, and moved to their agricultural lands to confront the expansion plan of the Israeli occupation entity by setting up huge turbines on it.

Raghda Sawas