Israeli occupation extends detention period of two young men from occupied Syrian Golan over participating in demonstrations against turbine project

The Israeli occupation forces extended the detention period of two young men from the occupied Syrian Golan on the backdrop of their participation in yesterday’s demonstrations against the occupation’s plan to build giant wind turbines on their agricultural lands.

SANA reporter in Al-Quneitra said that the occupation forces continue the detention of Taymor Noureddin Masoud and Nader Ghassan Al-Sha’er, from the occupied Syrian Golan, who were among eight young men detained by the Israeli forces over their confrontation of the occupation’s turbine project.

The steadfastness of the people of the occupied Syrian Golan and their adherence to their rights and lands, which they expressed through demonstrations, protests and public anger yesterday in the occupied villages of Majdal Shams, Baq’ata, Masada and Ein Qiniyye, has forced the occupation to bow to their demands not to enter the lands of the occupied town of Shayta again to build the giant wind turbines and to release a number of the detainees.

 On Wednesday, more than 20 people from the occupied Syrian Golan were injured when the Israeli occupation forces fired rubber bullets and tear gas bombs on them to disperse their demonstration against the Israeli wind turbine project.

The locals in the occupied Syrian Golan also implemented a general strike covering all facilities as well as schools and remote education. They headed to the areas where the occupation seeks to build giant turbines aimed at preventing the Israeli occupation authorities from implementing this expansionist scheme.

Hamda Mustafa