Al-Maqt: People of the occupied Syrian Golan will hinder and stop the turbine settlement scheme on their lands

Occupied Syrian Golan ,(ST)-Liberated prisoner, Sidqi al-Maqt, reiterated that the people of the occupied Syrian Golan would stop the Israeli settlement occupation’s plan to erect wind turbines on their agricultural lands, and they would continue to defend their land, whatever the sacrifices are.

Al-Maqt indicated during a phone call with Al-Suriya TV today that the people of the Golan are clinging to every inch of their land and absolutely reject the settlement occupation scheme, which includes the seizure of large areas of their lands, stressing that they will not allow the implementation of this plan.

Al-Maqt stressed that the people of the occupied Golan would adhere to their land and their Syrian Arab identity and continue to defend their land against the Israeli occupation to thwart all its Judaization schemes, especially the settlement turbine scheme, pointing out that the people of the Golan will continue the struggle against the occupation until the liberation of the entire occupied Golan and its return to its homeland, Syria.

In turn, the head of the Palestinian national activities in the occupied territories in 1948, Sheikh Salman Antir, affirmed that the Golan is Syrian Arab land and will remain, stressing that the people of the occupied Golan are facing the brutal occupation with great courage and will triumph with their will and will make all Judaization plans of the Israeli occupation   failed.

Haifaa Mafalani