A general strike in the occupied Syrian Golan in protest against the erection of turbine fans and casualties among the people as a result of the occupation’s assault on them

Qenitra,(ST)- Syrians  in the occupied Syrian Golan announced this morning the start of the general and comprehensive strike, which includes all life facilities, disrupting schools , and heading to the lands on which giant fans are to be erected in order to prevent the Israeli occupation authorities from implementing their expansion plan on the people's property.

SANA's correspondent in Quneitra stated that since the early hours of the morning, the people began to gather at the Al-Yafouri shrine between the occupied village of Majdal Shams and Masada, and they split into groups that spread in the lands to be built by the occupation authorities.

The correspondent said  that a number of people in occupied Syrian Golan injured due to Israeli occupation forces use of rubber bullets and tear gas against the people who have spread in their lands in rejection of installation of wind turbines on their agricultural lands.

The decision to declare the strike came after a meeting of the religious and social body in the occupied Syrian Golan to reject the establishment of the giant turbines.

Yesterday, the Israeli occupation forces closed a number of main entrances to the villages of the occupied Syrian Golan and prevented the people from reaching their farms in the areas that the occupation authorities want to build giant turbines on, while the people gathered on the roads leading to the agricultural lands in the areas of Majdal Shams, Sahita, Baqatha and Masada to prevent the occupation authorities from accessing their lands.

Haifaa Mafalani