People of the occupied Syrian Golan: “Israeli occupation’s plan to build wind turbines aims at confiscating our lands”

People of the occupied Syrian Golan have reiterated their rejection of the Israeli occupation’s expansionist schemes that aim at building giant wind turbines on their farmlands, affirming their adherence to their lands and their Syrian Arab identity.

In a statement on Tuesday, citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan said “we always reiterate that we reject the establishment of wind turbines on our lands, the lands that belong to the Syrian citizens under the Israeli occupation. The Israeli occupation’s plan aims to confiscate our lands and destroy all elements of life and steadfastness in the occupied Golan."

They added that the Israeli occupation forces' attack on  the agricultural lands of the people of the occupied Syrian Golan with the aim of establishing wind turbines has been met with huge popular rejection by the locals.

“We reaffirm that the occupied Golan, with all its lands, inhabitants, air and water, is an integral part of the Syrian Arab Republic, which alone has legitimacy and mandate over the territories of the occupied Golan,” the Golan people clarified.

 The Israeli occupation forces on Monday closed the main entrances of some villages in the occupied Syrian Golan and prevented the citizens from reaching their agricultural lands where the occupation plans to illegally install huge wind turbines.

The people in the occupied Syrian Golan massed themselves in the roads leading to their farmlands to protest against the Israeli plans to build giant turbines in the occupied towns of Majdal Shams, Sheita, Baq’ata and Mas’ada.

Hamda Mustafa