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From Cradle To Grave; The Golan's Love

To love the land, to defend it till its liberation from the brutal Israeli occupation is the daily goal for which our sons in Golan live.

It is also a legitimate right of the sons who found themselves instinctively clinging to the land of the Fathers.

The violations committed by the Israeli occupation to quell the doctrine of the clinging to the ground have failed.

The Israeli occupation is unable to uprooted Golan's sons from the ground they belong to, despite all the practices committed by it towards our sons in the Golan. 

Israeli occupier is aware of its terrorist capabilities which own a full record of crime and abuse on the property of others in addition to the violation of human rights. 

Theoretically, The Golan's son in his determination and belief in victory against the brutal Israeli occupier has exposed the alleged false claims that the occupation forces are interested in peace and want to return the occupied Golan to the motherland Syria.

But in practice, the brutal occupier offers nothing except more crimes against our people in the occupied Golan and Palestine. Even today there is no one evidence to prove that the Israeli occupation wants peace.

These Israeli flagrant practices make the sons of the Golan more determined to liberate the usurped land in accordance to the international laws. 

No competitor will compete the Golan's son in loyalty and love to the land (Golan Heights). The deceptive policies of the occupation made him more determined  to liberate the land from occupation because love of land is rooted deep in every Golan's son from the cradle to the grave.

F. al-Taleb

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