Golan Is Ever Alive In Us

Golan is the greatest  majestic land which defies the harsh  winds represented by the violated aggressions towards our sons in the occupied Heights.

 Winds of steadfastness in the face of all Israeli  aggressions  to reflect  the dignity and  freedom  along all the  period of Israeli  occupation to our heights.

Golan is like a river  where dignity and glory are steming, and freedom is shinning though all heinous  schemes  practiced by Israeli forces  against the usurped Golan.

Loyalty to Golan reflects a sincere love without falsity , love  has been  planted in the heart of every Syrian Arab citizen who has dignity to defend his land and refuse hostile occupation practices.

Warm tenderness  to the Golan Heights , to al-Shiekh Mountain and  to my school,  is nourishing our hearts despite the bitterness  of time being far from our eyes.

Israeli occupation aims to  erase Golan completely  from the memory of the Syrians by annexing it  forcibly and considering it as a legitimate right to justify its aggressions against Golan. This brutal occupation is faced by  abject failure because of steadfastness of our people in the occupied Golan.

Firas al-Taleb

Translation : H.SH