People of Quneitra Condemn Israeli Occupation Expansionist Projects in Occupied Syrian Golan

QUNEITRA, (ST)- People of the liberated Syrian city of Quneitra, have voiced their solidarity with their brothers in the occupied Syrian Golan against the Israeli occupation's aggressive and oppressive practices.

During a solidarity rally held on Wednesday in front of the governorate's building in al-Baath city, the people of Quneitra stressed their rejection of the Israeli project to build "wind tribunes" which aims at stealing the lands of Golan people. They renewed their confidence that Golan will be restored to the Syrian sovereignty.

 Participants in the rally condemned the occupation's expansionist projects under whatever name, most recent of which is the project of setting up giant "wind tribunes" in lands owned by the people of occupied Syrian Golan.

Golan will continue to be a Syrian Arab land and all arrogance powers in the world won't be able to change its features, identity and reality as well as its being an integral part of Syria, some of the participants told SANA correspondent.

They called on international organizations to put pressure on the occupation authorities to deter and prevent them from establishing the new Israeli expansionist project.  

They condemned the Zionist occupation continuous attempts to force the steadfast people of the occupied Syrian Golan to subjugate to the occupation's policies, noting the Israeli aggressive practices against the people in the occupied Golan cities of Majdal Shams, Baq'ata, Ein Qinieh and Mas'ada.

Hamda Mustafa