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People of Occupied Syrian Golan Strongly Reject Netanyahu's Announcement on Building New Settlement Called "Trump" on Their Lands

QUNEITRA, (ST)- People of the occupied Syrian Golan have strongly rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement about establishing a new Israeli settlement to be named after "Trump" on their territory.

Netanyahu's announcement on building a settlement in occupied Golan is an illegal and aggressive procedure that contradicts international laws and UN Charter, a number of Golan citizens from the occupied villages of Majdal Shams, Baq'ata, Ein Qineh and Mas'ada, stressed in a phone call with SANA office in Quneitra.

They reaffirmed their rejection of the oppressive practices and illegal procedures adopted by the occupation authorities against them.  

 They also reiterated adherence to their Syrian Arab identity and stressed determination to confront all the occupation's oppressive and expansionist procedures and to keep steadfastly adherent to their lands which the occupation authorities are trying to confiscate and displace the inhabitants.

Liberated captive Bishr al-Maqt asserted that people of the occupied Golan will confront the new Israeli aggressive procedure which constitutes the first step in the Zionist scheme that aims at bringing more Israeli settlers to live in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Asem al-Weli, another liberated captive, condemned Netanyahu's announcement, describing it as a coercive procedure that completes US President Donald Trump's Golan declaration.

Netanyahu's decision reveals the collusion between the US administration and the Israeli occupation authorities in the aggression against Arab territories and in stealing the Arab lands to build more Israeli settlements on the occupied Syrian Golan, Marzouk Sha'lan, a Golan citizen said.

Hasan Fakhruddin, another citizen, urged international organizations and legal institutions to pressure the occupation authorities to stop their expansionist project in the occupied Syrian Golan whose people were displaced following Israel's aggression on the Syrian territories in 1967.

On Sunday, Netanyahu announced a plan to build an Israeli settlement of 110 housing units to be named after "Trump" in occupied Golan in appreciation of US president's recognition of Israel’s "sovereignty" over this part of the Syrian territory. The new settlement is planned to be built on the ruins of al-Qale' village in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Hamda Mustafa